Clever Cane Review

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You might be at an age where you might have to use a cane to make things easier for you while walking. Or you could be suffering from a condition, which makes these canes absolutely indispensible for you. There are others who have suffered an injury or recovering from a surgery for that matter and have to rely on canes to be able to walk without much discomfort. However the problem with regular canes is that they can make things tricky for you, especially on uneven terrains. If you want something that’s reliable and can be your comforting companion then you don’t have to look beyond Clever Cane.

How does Clever Cane Work

This cane is something you will trust almost instantly and you will also feel comforted knowing that you will be safe when you are out on your walks or out and about around the house or in your gardens for that matter. The sturdy construction with the anodized aluminium body is one of the hallmarks of this cane and it also has reinforced joints, which makes it so strong and comfortable for you. In fact it’s so powerful that it can support up to 250 lbs of weight, making it just perfect for most.

Some of the smart features of this cane are the fact that it can stand on its own and doesn’t fall over, which is a fear with other canes. The special quad base comes to aid for this and it also has an ergonomically designed handle, which gives you complete control and comfort while walking. The frame of this cane is easily foldable and thus you can carry it with you wherever you go. When folded, it won’t take a lot of space either, thus reducing your storage related problems.

You will also find it very easy to use because you can open it with a simple snap and it locks up in its place so that you can walk confidently. It’s so reliable that you can walk on uneven terrains without any difficulty. Now there’s a cane that you can trust and make your walking companion.



What do I get?

  • 4 Clever Cane

All this for $ 69. 965 +$ 11.895 P. & H. Official website



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13 thoughts on “Clever Cane Review

  1. biggest scam out there im still waiting for mine its been 6 months. scammers not to mention the pathetic crap acting. I’ll say it again scammers

  2. I have ordered 30 of these canes for my aged care facility and haven’t recieved any of them. Needless to say that I’m extremly disappointed and i have gone to consumer affairs regarding this organisation. I ordered these canes 2 months ago with a eta 6 weeks ago and still waiting Be mindful “clever cane” if you are reading this, Australia doesn’t take kindly to deceptive and evasive measures regarding consumer relations. My current conflict with consumer affairs is in the second stage of resolution, i hope youre ready for a massive fight guys.

    • I purchased it online and received it (plus the free one) today…within the 14 days as promised. My only concern is that it looks possibly dangerous if an elderly person attempted to fold it.

  3. can any one give a positive review on this item…too many people are saying they bought this online but are not receiving it…seems maybe a scam product..

  4. All right, I am convinced, I want to buy one!!! How do I do it? It says it isn’t sold in stores but I can only find review sites, no Clever Cane web site. Is this a joke?

  5. I also ordered and paid for my clever cane on March 7th and have not received it yet…got a call from their marketing team and was told I would also receive a walmat card…4/14 no card no cane. Whats up?

  6. have been waiting for close o.n 2 weeks order # 9671234, need response or will file complaint with credit card company. People who need a cane dont need it after they recover.

    • Hi, this is not the official Clever Cane website, you need to submit your query to the official website

    • I ordered the Clever Cane on March 6, 2013 and have not received the product yet. My order # is 9646585. I hope this is not a scam

      • This is a product review site and not the official Clever Cane site, you need to post your question here:

      • I ordered a Clever Cane on March 5th and have not heard one thing about it. Also their website does not have an address or e mail address where you can reach them. Their website is now not available, so something is wrong. Did you send a check or have it deducted from your bank account. I put a debit in my check book, but so far nothing deducted from my bank statement.

        This is holding me up from ordering a different cane as I might receive it yet?????

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