Citizen’s Medical Talking Glucose Meter Review

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Do you have diabetes and hate the thought of pricking your finger each time you need a glucose reading? There’s some ground breaking news for you, Citizens Medical has come out with Citizens Medical Glucose Meter, that tests your glucose levels in a new and nearly pain free way.


Citizen’s Medical Talking Glucose Meter
Imagine no more pricking your finger! With this glucose meter, you can now test your arm or palm and it’s virtually pain free! But that’s not all…it talks! Seeing and hearing your reading helps confirm accuracy. The best part is that it comes at no cost; Citizens Medical gives you diabetes supplies straight at home and pays for shipping, it works with Medicare and insurance and your doctors for you. Citizens Medical also handles all the paperwork involved.

You can get your doubts cleared and all your questions answered by available nurses who are certified in diabetes. John and Eva have found that it gives them everything they need to maintain a healthy life. Shelly finds that her husband’s results are more accurate with this Glucose Meter thus making it easier for them to get through the day, Sylvia, and Hector have turned from feeling worried all the time to feeling safe and secure, Gloria finds the Citizens Medical Glucose Meter amazing. Change the way you test with the Citizens Medical Glucose Meter.



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1 Citizen’s Medical Talking Glucose Meter



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5 thoughts on “Citizen’s Medical Talking Glucose Meter Review

  1. The info is non-existent. Does it use strips or other media & the cost? Although it would be Free, I do not like getting something I have no info about.

  2. I am inquiring for our 7 year old son. He was diagnosed with Type 1 on Aug 11, 2010. we are looking for a better meter than what he has. Could you send us some information on what you have to offer? He has State of Vermont Health Insurance.

    Thank You


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