Calypso RX Review and Product Info

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What is Calypso RX

Calypso RX is an electrotherapy device that guarantees to relieve pain with its patented combination of advanced electrical stimulation therapy with medical technology. Calypso RX is a wearable device that claims to also improve the body’s blood circulation and boost its natural healing and recovery to bring faster relief from pain.

How does CALYPSO RX work?

Forget smelly and sticky ointments and painkillers with side effects, Calypso RX asserts to bring relief from the pain in affected areas by blocking the signals that cause pain and making gentle pulses penetrate deeper into the body. Calypso RX proclaims to have a dual-charged therapy that enhances the body’s circulation and promotes its natural healing and recovery to eliminate pain much faster than any other method.


Medical technology meets advanced electrical stimulation therapy
Muscle aches and pains are common occurrence in our daily lives whether you have suffered injury while playing a sport, bumped a body part somewhere or are just stressed with work. Calypso RX convinces to help you deal with such chronic or acute pain. We usually resort to popping painkillers or applying ointments to deal with the pain but pills can have side effects and ointments are usually smelly, sticky and leave stains behind and the relief is short term. But Calypso RX maintains to be an electrotherapy device that not only alleviates pain but also promotes faster healing process. Calypso RX is a combination of medical technology and advanced electrical stimulation therapy and the device assures to be FDA-cleared class II.


Pain relief and faster healing process
Calypso RX declares to have patent-pending medical-grade electrodes or gel pads that stick on to the skin and help the device in sending to the muscles soothing electrical high volt direct current (DC) in pulses. The gentle micro-current electric impulses of Calypso RX proclaim to invigorate the nerves to interrupt pain signals to the brain or push fluids through the body tissue to promote the natural healing of the body. With this dual action, Calypso RX alleges to reduce pain and make the area recover faster.


Effective on all affected areas
Assured to be gentle, the electrical pulses of Calypso RX convince to penetrate deep into the affected body area or origin of pain to promote the body’s capacity for self-healing. The pulses of Calypso RX promise to be undetectable so you’ll feel no discomfort and the device is usable in sleep mode also. The 40 different levels of pain relief, as assured by Calypso RX, claim to be effective on practically every body part that is affected – lower back, calf, arm, shoulder or neck. Calypso RX emphasizes to be a non-prescription device that combines therapeutic technology with professional-grade equipment.


What do I get?
Get CALYPSO RX for $129.99 + S/h. Official website


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