Callous Clear Cream Review

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Getting rid of callous, the undesirable growth of skin forms that can afflict any part of the body, especially feet, is of primary importance. A callus can be caused by exposure to friction over a long period of time. It can be painful and even result in infection. It isn’t only unhealthy but also unsightly and if it crops up on feet, it gets unbearably agonizing. But don’t think it’s difficult to eradicate callous now even though you’ve tried umpteen products but have got mixed results. Callous Clear is here, which is the latest and the most effective formula to remove callus from the rot and also soften your feet, thereby making them healthy and beautiful to look at.


Callous Clear Cream
Callous Clear is a package that includes the softening cream, callous removal patch, and the heel balm. It’s bestowed with ingredients equipped to fight rough and tough calluses successfully step by step that can remove callous and soften even the toughest, driest feet. It involves simple, easy to follow steps to get rid of callous. To use Callous Clear cream you need to apply the Callous Clear softening cream on the special callous removal patch, and then keep the self-sticking patch on the affected area. Callous Clear begins its work by penetrating into the thick, calloused spots in just a few minutes. The callus can be peeled away easily with the patch. An application of the soothing Callous Clear heel balm with remarkable healing properties is what follows, after which your feet will look and feel healthy, baby soft and tender.

Callous Clear is able to penetrate into the tough callous area and is a hassle-free, simple method that yields great results. The Callous Clear package is really able to bring about a dramatic change by peeling away the callus smoothly within minutes. Instead of following outdated or expensive methods like spa pedicure treatment and the like to remove callous, opt for Callous Clear as it’s safe, quick and really effective.

Place your order for Callous Clear today and avail of the Callous Clear softener, soothing heel balm, eight self-sticking callous removal patches and our special two-in-one scraper and file for the amazingly low price of only $10 with just $6.99 shipping and handling right away!



What do I get?

  • 2 Softener Tubes
  • 2 Two-in-One Scraper files
  • 2 Heel Balm Tubes
  • 16 Callous Clear Patches

All this for just $10.00 + $13.98 s/h. Official website

Customer Service Toll-free – 1-800-777-4034 (M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)


Callous Clear Cream Video


29 thoughts on “Callous Clear Cream Review

  1. Kerasal is the only one I’ve ever tried and it really works. I took advantage of a free trial. Received a tiny tube…..just enough for one heel for one week so you could compare. after showering applied it, covered with clean white cotton socks and I was truly amazed. Granted I didn’t have cracked heels to the degree of a lot of other slobs I’ve seen, o I can only vouch for me and to the degree I had them. 5 on a scale of 1 to f*cking disgusting.

  2. Callous Clear Cream does not work, it does not even come close. Did not receive the entire order, was told it was on back order. When I called Callous Cure regarding this order that was placed in March, I was told it was too late to get my money back. Just remember the product does not work not even close to their claims.

  3. I have bought things from the internet before and had unknown charges on my credit card and had to cancel it. I have returned items and shipping was so expensive. Better off asking pharmacist or buying heel softener in stores.

  4. After reviewing all the negative reactions, thank goodness I bought this Callous Clear Cream at Walmart. I was looking forward to using this but there are absolutely no instructions on how long to keep it on, which side to use, nothing! ABSOLUTELY USELESS!

  5. I am thinking about ordering this product. I have learned to only order through Amazon for things advertised on TV. I never go to their website. Just wanted to let you know that this is the safest way to order.

  6. I tried to go to the website for Callous Clear and a message popped up with a warning for the site. Luckily I found this site next. I really need something for my feet that is safe and works. I am so grateful to everyone that took the time to post because it saved me from the he!! you went through with your bank card. Not to mention that the junk does not work. I have learned the hard way with other items ordered of the tv, There are some products that do work but you really have to be careful.

  7. I attempted to order this Callous Clear Cream online. The Callous Clear website doesn’t have a confirmation page so that you can review your order before you submit it AND there were many additional “offers” popping up through the process of ordering. Long story short – their website placed TWO orders for me neither of which were correct. I did get two email confirmations in minutes of this ordering catastrophe and called the 800 number. I was told that one of the orders was cancelled and they “fixed” the other order. The next day my account had been charged for both orders so I called back and was told that I would need to wait until the next day to make any changes because they were “unable to view my orders at this point.” I called again the following day and asked that BOTH orders be cancelled. The agent told me that he could only see one of the orders and that it would be cancelled and that the other Callous Clear Cream order had already shipped. Charges continued to appear and disappear in my account for BOTH of these orders and each time I called I was told something different. I ended up having to cancel my debit card for the account I used to purchase the product and had to have my bank file disputes with this company for the two charges. In the mean time I am waiting for these shipments so that I can refuse them and wait for this company to adhere to their promise of crediting my account for the total of these two orders. What a nightmare. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ORDERING Callous Clear Cream FROM THIS COMPANY! Ambiguous, erroneous and erratic ordering process, customer service, charges and shipping information. I wouldn’t trust this company to have my account information for ANY reason. No way.

  8. Go natural and use a Magic Moisture Stick from The Pure Apothecary. Been using it for years and works fabulously!

  9. I bought and received this in the mail today and I followed the instructions step by step and I am honest to say that this is a complete mess do not waste your money on this because it do not work.

  10. I ordered this Callous Clear Cream…it works great!!! My only complaint is that since I ordered this via website, my credit card was hacked and has been used for internet purchases. I have never experienced anything like that before.


    • You are RIGHT! I had similar issues with bank charges. I had to have my bank issue me a new card and had to file disputes with charges that kept appearing then disappearing then reappearing. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!

  11. I ordered Callous Clear. I used it the minute I got it in the mail. It’s worthless. I even left it on for an extra five minutes and it did nothing at all. Do not waste money on this!!!

  12. Bought and tried yesterday. It removed most of my dead skin… BUT, the system is a joke. Don’t waste your time with the dinky messy pads. I did with the first foot and it worked well. However it was a mess and did not cover my foot. So on the second foot I applied step one and just covered with a Walmart bag, left on for 15 mins by accident. It worked better and used a lot less product with a lot less mess. Of course its not perfect but it is cheaper and faster then a Pedi!

  13. I tried to place an order on their website:

    I was trying to get the 2 for 1 deal, but couldn’t find a link to add the 2nd. I called the 800# in their link contact at the bottom of the page. When I tried to explain the situation the woman could not understand and did not listen. I could tell it was an outsourced call. She said I could place the order over the phone. I didn’t want to give her my credit card info. It didn’t feel good. Following those instincts I decided not to do so and hung up when she wanted to put me on hold for a few minutes. Oh well!!

    • The same thing happened to me and when I called their 1800 number I was told that they could do nothing for me as they were unable to pull up my order in their system for 24 to 72 hours. I kept on calling and was told the same thing over and over until I finally saw my order online and called back for information as they had charged my more than I saw the first time. This was fixed and I am now awaiting delivery of my item as they omitted to include my apartment number on the shipment info. So the post office tells me online via my tracking the item that they made an attempt to deliver and no success but they have no apartment number so how can they deliver. Now I have to go pick up at the post office. The second free one I was told I would pay only 6.99 so now awaiting and watching what is going to happen.

  14. Callous Clear: I haven’t used this product but I’m guessing it is salacylic acid. I have seen people say clearasil pads work amazingly and they are salacylic acid.

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