BugBand Wristband Reviews and Complaints

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Spending time outdoors with friends and family is what warm weather is all about. But summer time can also be full of buzzing insects and biting pests, it does not matter if you are playing outside with kids or gardening, picnicking, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, golfing uninvited guests particularly mosquitoes and other insects can ruin the fun and worse they can be dangerous. Traditional insect repellents like Deet can be effective but many people are thinking twice about man made pesticides on their arms, clothing, legs and face. Introducing Bug Bad Insect Repellent an alternative to traditional pesticides.


BugBand Wristband

Bug Band Insect Repellent is a safer choice, it uses 100% naturally derived and pleasant scented and proven effective Geraniol vapors to create an invisible shield that is safe on children and pets and can be used around food. For years people have planted Geranium on their porches or window boxes believing the flowers help deter mosquitoes, today scientific data supports that belief. Geraniol – a naturally occurring repellent that can be extracted from the Geranium oil through an unique refining process has been proved to be an effective repellent for blood feeding insects. While other repellents are easily diluted with swimming or perspiration the Bug Band Wrist Band just keeps working upto 120 hours. It is packaged in an innovative reusable plastic pod which can be used to store the Bug Band and sealed between uses to preserve the active life of the product. It can be worn on belt-loops, pet collars, fastened in tents, attached to strollers etc.

University of Florida’s tests have confirmed that Geraniol is effective in repelling wide variety of pests including mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats, no-see-ums and fleas.

Gardening Club of America, North American Hunting Club, North American Fishing Club, PGA Tour Partners Club have all given Bug Band their seals of approval.



What do I get?
Check the Official website Official website BugBand.net.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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3 thoughts on “BugBand Wristband Reviews and Complaints

  1. BugBand Wristband Complaints

    Inefficient in functioning
    Bug Band Wristband are full of promises and seems like a nice idea of just wearing bands instead of spraying repellents to keep bugs and mosquitoes at bay but turns out to be absolutely inefficient. The bands do smell like a good repellent would but apart from that there is no kind of repellent activity from it. People who have used it have even complained that mosquitoes and bugs have even crawled up on the band and bit them near the band.

    Harmful to the skin
    The repellent odor and the band quality are very cheap. The worst part is there is a chemical based repellent which can cause harmful reactions and burning sensations on the skin of some users along with a band like mark left on the skin. Thus it can be very harmful to wear especially for children and adults who might have allergies to chemicals used in repellents.

    Waste of money
    The inefficiency of BugBand Wristband renders it useless and with the assorted package selling at quite some price it turns out to be a zero value for money product and is not recommended by majority of users.

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