Brain Power Basics

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Today we are paying a lot of importance to the nutrition of our body because the adage, ‘you are what you eat’ has gained ground. But what are you doing about your brain, which is so important for your normal functioning? Are you doing anything to give it the best nutrition possible to ensure that it functions at its optimum? If not, then you need to consider Brain Power Basics, a breakthrough nutrition program that is directed towards your brain. It has already proven to be a path breaking system that has many advantages for you.

How does Brain Power Basics Work

This nutrition program comes from Dr Daniel Amen, who is a neuroscientist of repute and is also a well known physician and double board certified psychiatrist. He has brought out this daily system that has been specially created to support your short term memory. Some of the highlights of this system are that it helps you focus and it also promotes healthy sleeping cycles. Thus it goes a long way in balancing energy and improving your overall wellbeing.

Dr Amen worked on a NFL study that involved over a hundred past and present players and the results were astounding to say the least. Over 70% of them had better memory scores and overall it made a huge difference to their focus, attention and processing speeds. Increased blood flow was also noticed and it made a difference to activity in key areas of the brain. It also helped players lose weight in many instances while it boosted their overall wellbeing as well.

And it can have the same benefits for you as your brain functions a lot better, and you start feeling healthier and happier while you lose weight and get fitter too. This nutrition system contains Multi vitamins including 40 essential vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and it also has Omega-3 for your body. Moreover there are 7 clinically researched ingredients meant for Brain Boost that help with focus, memory and cognition. Together they bring to you extremely effective system that’s also reasonably priced and the perfect food for your thought and brain.



What do I get?

  • Neurovite Plus
  • Omega-3 Power
  • Brain and Memory Power Boost
  • Three months of Elite Membership into the Amen Solution @ Home Online Brain Health

All this for just $29.95, Official website



Brain Power Basics Video

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