Big Vision

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What is Big Vision

It is magnifying eyewear that promises to make things clearer and bigger at the same time.
Big Vision claims to help those who tend to struggle with seeing things, especially the smaller print, in their day to day life. There are several instances in your everyday life where you have to look at the smaller print or objects that are way too small to be deciphered clearly. You have your reading glasses to help you but they only sharpen things and make things clearer. Big Vision maintains that they take things a step further, and ensure that they are enlarged for your reading convenience.

Big Vision and its advantage over regular reading glasses

If you have problem seeing small print or picking up on things that are not very clear, you rely on reading glasses to make things easier for you. But the problem with these glasses is that they only sharpen things for you. It does make things clearer but that doesn’t mean you can see them well. That’s where Big Vision eyewear comes into the picture and ensures that things are enlarged for your convenience. In fact Big Vision asserts that it can magnify a full 120 degrees field of vision. Importantly there is no distorting whatsoever so that you can view anything that is in the vision without any difficulty.


Big Vision eyewear and how it works for you

The reason Big Vision eyewear claims to be effective is that it uses 200% magnification lenses. As a result objects are enlarged and your day to day tasks are made a lot easier for you. The good news is that Big Vision eyewear can also be used with your prescription glasses, contact lenses or sunglasses for that matter. Thus you can combine the benefits this eyewear gives you with your regular prescription glasses or your cool sunglasses. You also need to note that you don’t need to go through any eye exam to be able to wear Big Vision. There is no need for any prescription either; you simply wear them and get the benefits.

Big Vision eyewear and different applications it has for you

If you have been having trouble reading your regular newspapers, books or magazines then you can use Big Vision to good effect. This type of eyewear also has its benefits for those who work with today’s devices like tablets, e-readers and Smartphones for that matter. You can use it when you are sitting in front of the computer screen or when you have to use the remote. Big Vision is helpful to indentify your medication or read instructions, when you are doing artwork or even painting your nails.

What do I get?

you’ll receive two Big Vision with our carry case and lanyard for just $19.99 plus $15.98 P&H.Official website

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