Big Boss Lite Step Scale Review

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As people get increasingly aware of the importance of losing weight not only to look good but feel good about themselves too, they are trying everything they can to shed those extra pounds. Now people have also realized that they need to lose weight to be more agile, fit and get health benefits. You know excess weight can leave you prone to several health conditions that can be difficult to deal with at a later stage. That’s why; you might be on a weight loss program, a diet regime or following a fitness routine, you want to know the results you are getting, which is understandable. And thanks to Lite Step Scale from Big Boss, you will be able to get those results instantly.


Big Boss Lite Step Scale
When you kick start a new diet plan or begin on a new fitness program, you want to monitor the results you are getting. Not only because you want to check if the program is working for you, but also if you see good results it motivates you to work harder. There are those awkward and heavy weighing scales in the market, which are cumbersome and difficult to store. On the other hand there’s this amazing new Lite Step Scale, which has an extra wide platform, which makes it convenient for use for everyone, at the same time it’s lightweight too.

It’s very easy to use and there’s no tapping required to get results. The extra large LCD display ensures that you see results clearly. There are many who need to monitor their weight for health reasons and they will benefit a great deal from using this scale. If you have elders at home who need to monitor their weight as well, then you will be pleased to know that this scale has a non slip surface, which ensures their safety when they step on it. Moreover the results are displayed for a good 10 seconds so that one can get a good read easily.

This product has many other features that are meant for your convenience, like the fact that it shuts off automatically and it works on three AAA batteries that come included with the product. It’s also very thin and lightweight, so you can store it away easily and without taking up too much space. The three year warranty it comes with ensures the quality of the product too.



What do I get?
This 200 Kgs capacity Lite Step Scale can be bought at



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3 thoughts on “Big Boss Lite Step Scale Review

  1. Display cannot be read while standing on the scale. It is clear until you step off and look at it at an angle. Then the weight readings disappear. Poor design.

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