Better Booty Pillow REVIEW

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About Better Booty Pillow

Better Booty Pillow assures to be a posture pillow that aligns pelvis and spine, corrects posture, and keeps bottom firm to prevent back and leg pain from long hours of sitting. The microtube technology of Better Booty Pillow convinces to support the hips, lift the bottom, and release the pressure on the tailbone with its special design.


Better Booty Pillow REVIEW

One Better Booty Pillow customer mentions in his review “This is what I hate most of these infomercial products, an important piece of information like the measurements and the material of the booty pillow is not mentioned on the website.”

Better Booty Pillow review exposes it for doing nothing and slipping away from the chair. A regular pillow on a seat works better. This one doesn’t really work and is being used as a bed by a small dog!

Better Booty Pillow review points out that a little more padding would have helped, though it does help. It’s okay as a seat cushion but not worth buying again.

Better Booty Pillow Questions and Answers

Question: Where is this Better Booty Pillow made?
Answer: China!! where else?

Question: Will the Better Booty Pillow fit in carry on luggage?
Answer: I have not tried the Better Botty Pillow but I too have the same question, nowhere on the website have they mentioned the dimensions of the pillow. But I have seen a similar booty pillow on and it measures 40×34×9cm so the Better Booty Pillow could measure somewhere near that.

Question: What is the material of the Better Booty Pillow?
Answer: Again this information is missing on the official Better Booty Pillow website, but I have seem that these pillows are made from cotton and polyester.

Question: I weigh 250lbs, would you recommend this Better Booty Pillow to me?
Answer: Nope. It would go flat. The Better Booty Pillow is a low quality posture support pillow and it would be injustice to expect so much from a $20 as seen on tv booty support pillow.

Question: Can I put the Better Booty Pillow in my kayak?
Answer: Don’t do it. It will get wet.

Question: What is the “Micro Tube Technology” used?
Answer: We searched a lot to find more information on this Micro Tube Technology but could not find any. I think it is similar to low diameter irrigation pipes.

Question: Does Better Booty Pillow have Memory Foam?
Answer: No Memory Foam.

Question: What is the real thing inside the Better Booty Pillow that actually provides the cushioning effect?
Answer: The call it “Micro Tube Technology” no clue what it is. Sounds fishy.

Question: Is it good for long air travels?
Answer: Use anywhere where you have to sit. But not recommended for long travels.

Question: Is this Better Booty Pillow tapered?
Answer: Yes, it is tapered towards the ends.

Question: Can the Better Booty seat cover be unzipped and washed?
Answer: Not zips, you wash the complete pillow.

Question: Can Better Booty Pillow be folded?
Answer: Nope, it cannot be folded.

Question: Is the material breathable?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does this Better Booty Pillow cushion retain the heat?
Answer: Considering the material from which it is made, it will retain heat.

Question: Does Better Booty Pillow work for bucket seats?
Answer: Not sure.


Final Verdict on Better Booty Pillow
Better Booty Pillow is a cheap alternative to the much expensive memory foam pillows. The Better Booty Pillow video and the graphics on the website are a good indicators of that this support pillow is good for. It is just OK for light-weight people (like the girl on the website) if you are overweight even slightly this Better Booty Pillow won’t help you a bit and you should consider something more serious stuff like memory foam seat pillows.

Better Booty Pillow CLAIMS

Most comfortable posture pillow
Painful office chairs, car seats, or hard surfaces will be cushier with the Better Booty Pillow, as its creators guarantee. The posture pillow states that while the bottoms sits flat on other surfaces, it lifts the bottom up to prevent pain that radiates in the spine and the legs. There are no Better Booty Pillow user reviews to tell us the truth yet.


Usable anywhere
Whether home, office, car, or the game, Better Booty Pillow promises to make sitting comfortable. It alleges to properly align the pelvis and spine and correct posture to make sitting at office or driving for long hours comfortable. Is Better Booty Pillow that good? User reviews will reveal soon. Better Booty Pillow emphasizes to be machine washable and lightweight for reusing and easily carrying anywhere. Send us your Better Booty Pillow reviews.


Better Booty Pillow Instructions

  • Better Booty Pillow is strictly prohibited for any other purposes or combustible goods.
  • One must not jump on the cushion.
  • The temperature can change its hardness, which is not a product defect. Easy use is advisable.
  • Better Booty Pillow must be cleaned using a wet towel and a little soap.


What do I get?
2 Better Booty Pillow costs $19.99 plus $6.99 P&H. | Official

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