BeActive Brace Product Info

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What is BeActive Brace?

It is a patent pending pressure brace for legs that provides quick relief from sciatic back pain through acupressure when worn on the calf.

Effective relief from sciatic pain

BeActive Brace is a scientifically designed pressure brace that promises to relieve you from sciatic pain that has been restricting your movements and active life. Sciatic pain spreads out from lower back to lower extremities. As a result, you may experience short term or chronic sciatic back pain. BeActive Brace claims it eases tension up the sciatic nerve by exerting firm trigger point acupressure and controls pain in the lower back, buttocks and legs.

Quick and convenient to wear

BeActive Brace can be worn easily and in a jiffy It works effectively on both left and right leg. All you have to do is slip the brace up to just below the knee, align pressure pad at the outer edge of the calf in such a way that it’s worn with R indicating right and L for left facing the front and then make it tight so that there’s firm pressure at the calf.


Works with acupressure treatment

The makers of BeActive Brace state that it’s a point-specific pressure pad that works by providing relief with acupressure below the knees. It is designed to be strapped on your calf to target pressure up the sciatic nerve to the concerned pressure point. You are assured of effective concentration at key problem areas so that you get relief from both, short term and chronic sciatic back pain naturally and safely while walking or exercising.


Not visible under your clothing

What makes BeActive Brace all the more special is the fact that you can wear it anywhere anytime since it is so discreet that it cannot be seen under your outfits. You don’t have to bother concealing it but can carry on with an active lifestyle free of pain and discomfort.

Stays intact all through

The makers of BeActive Brace guarantee that it doesn’t move once strapped even if you walk, run or exercise. You can now hope to move around comfortably without having to opt for costly treatment.


BeActive Brace FAQS

What’s the right size of calf to fit the brace?
12.5 inches to 18 inches circumference around the fullest part of the calf. The Velcro extends past its base to fasten to the neoprene. Wear it right under the kneecap with the “R” corresponding with the right leg, and the “L” with the Left.

How is the “Regular” BeActive Brace different from “Premium or Deluxe”?
The “Premium” is more comfortable since it’s made of a longer-lasting neoprene fabric, and includes small ventilation holes.

What fabric is used in making the BeActive?
It’s made of 80% Neoprene and 20% Polyester. Those allergic to neoprene must avoid wearing it.

How does the BeActive work?
It’s not the brace itself that brings relief but the right pressure point on the outer part of the calf muscle that’s pressed by the acupressure cushion. It’s called the “5 o’clock” on the right leg and “7 o’clock” on the left. When using the brace, it’s imperative to get the cushion on the “correct” spot by adjusting the brace.

How long must the BeActive be worn?
BeActive can be worn for as long as you want pain relief. Just ensure that you to apply the pressure to the correct spot on the outer muscle of the calf. Wear it for only 2 hours till you get used to it, and thereafter, depending on your comfort.


BeActive Instructions

STEP 1: For pain on the left side of the lower back
Keeping the (L) on the top, slip the brace on the LEFT leg just under the kneecap. Align the (L) right under the left kneecap. Adjust the pressure pad to keep it on the outside outer edge of the calf muscle.

For pain on the right side of the lower back
Same as Step 1, keep the (R) on the top and slip on the brace to the RIGHT leg just under the right kneecap. Repeat Step 1 for the right leg too.

After positioning the brace properly, pull the band through the loop fitting, securing it firmly forward across the front of the brace. The pressure pad must give a firm and strong pressure to your outside outer edge of the calf muscle. Note: The brace should feel comfortable even if tight. If uncomfortable, loosen the strap a bit but keep it firm.

Fasten the band to the brace.
Note: If the pressure pad is not on the outside outer edge of the calf muscle, adjust accordingly after tightening.

When to use:
Wear the BeActive Brace for up to 2 hours at a stretch initially. If you find it comfortable, wear the brace for longer periods as per your requirement. For pain in the center of your lower back, try to verify if it’s more towards the left or the right side. Wear the brace on that side. For pain exactly in the center of your low back, use the brace on your right leg and then switch to your left leg if the pain is not alleviated.
Note: It is not recommended to wear the brace on both legs simultaneously.

Size: Measured around the fullest area of your calf, the BeActive brace fits sizes 12.5 inches to 18 inches. Wear it on a single leg, on the side of the pain for the BeActive Brace to work.

What Do I Get?

  • Buy Two patent pending BeActive Brace for $19.99 plus $11.90 P&H.
  • Official website:


7 thoughts on “BeActive Brace Product Info

  1. I’ve purchased a knee pad , has no L or R on it it also has no pressure pad on it . Be careful who you buy this from , especially as this looked the geninue article.

  2. My husband has been wearing your knee brace for about 6 months now. He wears it for a couple of hours on which leg he needs it. But recently he has broken out with blisters and sores on whichever leg he wears it on. Why is this? Thank you for your time. Kim

  3. I bought this for my husband and as soon as he put it on it felt great. Sadly when he took it off that night he had a huge blister right where the pressure bulb was. He is in real pain that was 3 days ago and the really sad part is it was working.

  4. I ordered one of these. I live in Canada. I haven’t received it or an email. But the money was taken from my account. Please call me. 705-262-1416. My name is Nadia. Thank you

  5. I would love this product but you don’t ship to Canada and I have no US mail in which it could send to me. Do all the As Seen on TV have your product in Canada? I live in Vernon, British Columbia and we have one in our Mall. Please advise or I will simply call them and find out. I suffer severely with sciatic nerve pain and I know it stems from my lower back which has degenerative L3-L5.
    Hope to hear from you.

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