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No Human Customer Service

One customer who used this Brace says in his Beactive review that he ordered a piece for his daughter but had to buy two instead because there was no option of buying just one and had to pay an extra $7.95 shipping and handling. The customer also thought it odd that Beactive Brace sellers had his shipping address from his cell phone number and doesn’t put it past them to sell credit card info if they can accrue address so easily. However, the customer wanted the delivery on another address and waited for instructions or to speak to a customer care representative but his efforts to get a refund didn’t yield results. He further complains in his Beactive review that he was on the phone for over 30 minutes but had no response and a live operator didn’t come on line either.


Ordering Process

Another customer who used Beactive Brace reveals in his Beactive review he ordered it to get relief from sciatic back pain after seeing a commercial on TV. After noting the website address and phone number to order and visiting the website there was no phone number on the video though they kept asking to call to order. The link had no phone number either and doing another search to verify the customer found another link with the same video but the phone number was completely different. The link mentioned a premium version brace for calf sizes 12″ to 18″ for a low price of $55.89 though this was not mentioned in any of the videos. He further says in his Beactive review that on calling the phone number from the TV commercial, the customer found that there was only the original Beactive Brace available with no other options. The number on the website couldn’t patch the call making it seem like a scam offer with substandard marketing of the product. The customer did not order the product since it also left the consumers with too many questions and doubts.

Beactive Brace is not Helpful

One customer who reviewed Beactive Brace reveals that the brace is not helpful at all as it is claimed to be. It is supposed to start healing the back and reduce the pain but it doesn’t do any such thing. The TV ads clearly state the usefulness of Beactive Brace as it is stated to be equipped with some technological innovation that works almost like magic to provide soothing relief to any level of back pain. In fact, on further assessment by the reviewer’s doctor it came out to be just another scam that is absolute waste of money.


No Effective against Back Pain

One other customer who used Beactive Brace reveals the brace on the basis of TV ad claims according to which it would reduce and/or eliminate back pain completely without the need of any surgery or drugs. The purchase of Beactive Brace was for an elderly gentleman of 76 years suffering from chronic back pain to solve the problem of side effects of strong medications and to provide relief. But Beactive Brace was found to be not helpful in relieving back pain to any amount of level leaving the patient uncomfortable and at the mercy of nauseating medicines. The other concern by the customer who ordered Beactive Brace was the point why a high shipping price was charged for delivery. In a way the price of Beactive Brace is balanced out with the additional charges in shipping and handling which is nothing more but a scam to loot the public off their money. The customer even got it inspected by their back doctor who also affirmed the uselessness of Beactive Brace. According to the doctor it is not a solution to eliminate or reduce back pain as there is no other way but to go through a costly surgery. In fact, it was also found out that there is no science that is in reality proved to work the way claimed as the technology used in Beactive Brace.

Shipping Handling Scam

One customer who reviewed Beactive Brace complains that there was an offer about buy one and get one free with additional shipping cost amounting to a value of $19.99 + $7.95. After the customer filed out the entire online form and submitted it further to confirm the order the charge was a total of $35.89 which is $19.99 + $15.90 shipping which means they charged for the free one anyways. The misleading information in the online form pertaining to “one set” instead of “one brace” is difficult to understand by people who are looking for a solution for their back trouble and can confuse them resulting into getting fooled to pay more instead. Beactive Brace is a ripoff like other similar solutions available on the internet these days when it comes to charging the customers way more than the product deserves apart from the hard fact that it doesn’t really help a lot in reducing the back pain even one bit. Caution should be taken while purchasing it online and anyone who wants to do so should read all the details properly so that they do not end up paying exorbitant amount for an unproved solution like Beactive Brace.


No so friendly Customer Service

One other customer who used Beactive Brace says that the customer service number provided by the Top Dogs marketing company’s website had customer service agents who were pretty rude and hung up in the middle of conversation without really answering to the actual question asked. The doubt was regarding the statement on website that says Beactive Brace can be upgraded for $10.00 more each. There was no specification provided as per what was the difference between the regular and premium version except for a statement saying the premium one works better. The answer was not satisfactory as it looked like just another additional scam to charge the customers more which is why the customer service agent hung up abruptly. Top Dog marketing can be behind it as the inventor’s interview never mentions anything about a premium version. The benefits of Beactive Brace should be regardless regular or premium due to its functioning but Top Dogs customer service responded with an answer that regular version does not work as good as the premium one. Another shocking reveal was Beactive Brace is not even listed as one of their products when called upon so it is completely a money extorting scam.


One customer who reviewed Beactive Brace complains that the problem did not even reach the point of usefulness because there was no shipment since many weeks. The braces were booked and the customer care provided the status by locating the order via the cell number. The problem that was stated by them was the order placed on July 20th for a price of $63.84 was kept on hold from sometime. First of all the price for something that is sold online Beactive Brace is quite expensive but with promises like its resolution of back pain issues did persuade the customer to make the purchase. The company responded that the shipment was kept on hold since they did not receive the payment but as revealed by the customer there was a full payment made through the account and clearly is reflected in the credit statement.

6 thoughts on “BeActive Review

  1. I ordered the be active brace, at bottom of confirmation email states wait 2-3 weeks for you items to arrive.. I waited 3 weeks, called the Plymouth direct phone number and through all prompts and automation never received a real person. I went through the other about Plymouth and actually talked to someone! Immediately I was told the beactive brace was back ordered… I recommend no one buy this item. It will NEVER show up..
    Beactive brace and Plymouth direct is a SCAM.

  2. Nothing sold on TV works, ever. Why do people always get sucked into this crap. I have never bought anything off tv. These people selling this garbage should be sued.

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