Backtastic Lumbar Cushion Review

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Regular back aches seem to have become a part of our stressful and hectic lives. You tend to sit for long hours in front of your computer or when you are driving for that matter and regular seats and chairs can take a toll on your back. If you want to avoid the nasty impact it can have on your back then you can rely on Backtastic to do the trick for you. Backtastic lumbar cushion ensures that the pressure you feel in any chair is drastically reduced and so do instances of back pain.

How does Backtastic Lumbar Cushion Work

Backtastic is a revolutionary cushion that has a special gel core, which is capable of moulding to the shape of your back. And that’s why it can give you superior support that your back needs. So effective is this cushion that you will notice a difference as soon as you start using it. Backtastic is capable of turning just about any chair and seat, even the most uncomfortable one into an extremely comfortable option for you.

The reason Backtastic works so well is because it ensures that pressure points disappear as you sit straighter and taller too. Hence you will realize that the pressure on your spine and back is drastically reduced. The contoured shape of the cushion offers hugging support to your back as well, which makes it just perfect for you. Another advantage of Backtastic is that it is lightweight and portable. You can take it with you in your car or for a meeting at work for that matter and sit comfortably every day.

Backtastic can be your ideal companion when you have to take those tedious long flights, which you dread. The flexible gel centre of this cushion can move as your back does, which ensures that you always keep getting the support you need. It has many advantages over the regular foam cushions because of that and also the fact that it’s incredibly soft. Now you can see the back of back pain for good with the path breaking Backtastic, which is just the cushion you will need.



What do I get?

    2 Backtastic gel lumbar cushions

    Machine Washable Cover

All This for $14.95 + $ 15.90 P. & H. Official website



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