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Are you one of the many people who suffer from regular back problems due to daily household chores or sitting long hours at work? Then you know how difficult it is to perform everyday work or even sleep on the bed without feeling the back pain. You must have tried various medicines that temporarily suppress the pain or visited pain clinics that charge huge amounts of money to provide temporal relief. Backright is not like any such regular solutions and or a temporary fix but provides the ultimate solution for any kind of back issues that too within the comforts of your home.

How does Backright Work

Backright is a natural way to correct the back pain rather than clinging to drugs or invasive surgeries. It has the ability to relieve the back pain in a matter of just 10 minutes a day in a very easy to follow manner. Backright’s ergonomic design is based on years of research regarding the pressure points on the back. It creates a gentle movement between the vertebrae and stretches the muscles that are linked with the spine. The movements create the process of bringing necessary nutrients to the discs allowing them to properly balance the curvature of the spine and put it back into alignment. Backright makes it happen without any kind of discomfort and within a short time the patient can start sitting, standing, sleeping and even lifting things without pain.

Backright is designed in a way to be easily inflated with a manual pump and used by one person negating any need of assistance. One needs to just lay down with the buttocks close the base and straddle it by keeping the knees, calves and ankles over the molded support. Once comfortable in the position over Backright all it needs is slow rocking back and forth action into and away from the chest. The movement can also be modified to side to side and combined together to form circular motions too. With 10 minutes of proper workout with Backright the muscles start relaxing and improve circulation while strengthening the abdominal region at the same time.



What do I get?
The Backright set includes:

  • Backright
  • Manual inflation pump

All this for just £59.95. Official website



Backright Video

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