BackJoy Core Reviews and Complaints

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Back pain strikes, your neck aches, your lower back throbs, even your nerve sends stinging pain down your legs, whether its an old injury from an accident, sitting all day at the job or just aches and pains that happen in daily life. Back-pain forces you to sit, stiffen and loose mobility. Finally there is a way to escape pain before it strikes. Gain flexibility and loosen up every time you sit down. Introducing the revolutionary BackJoy Core The Back Orthotic – as seen on tv seat .

No pills, prescriptions and appointments. You just sit on it and it corrects your posture and alignment. It transforms any surface into an orthotically supportive seat. Get the perfect “S” posture.


BackJoy Core

We all know how important our core is, but it does not work when we seat. BackJoy core is patented because of its completely unique ability to help you for the first time engage your core when you seat. BackJoy helps give you the natural strength and flexibility that can keep pain from developing.

Simply sit to correct posture and alignment. Place it in any chair, BackJoy cradles your body allowing you to sit in pain relieving comfort allowing your body to attain perfect posture and stability reducing stress. BackJoy keeps you free, comfortable and flexible. Normal sitting aggravates, body-weight pushes down, the lower spine and pelvis become locked creating disc compressions and unhealthy postures that generate immobility, reduces circulation, and aggravates pain and injury.

BackJoy Core corrects posture effortlessly. Just sit right and feel the stress melt away. This as seen on tv seat give you that pelvic reinforcement and stabilization which by default give our spine the proper alignment. When the spine is properly aligned you decrease the pressure on the vertebrates, discs and the spinal nerves.

BackJoy Core Relieves

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Injury
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Slipped Disc
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sciatica
  • Bulging Disc
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Sore Talibone

BackJoy Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if it feels uncomfortable?
The sitting instructions have to be followed and you need to pull BackJoy tight under your buttocks. At times change in sitting posture might need more time for joints, muscles and ligaments to adjust and relax. It’s a temporary discomfort like going to a new gym and you can limit usage to about 15 minutes before increasing it gradually. If you still experience pain you are advised to consult a doctor.

What if it feels too small?
It’s designed in a way that it’s smaller than your buttocks and cradles your sitting bones that you find at the base of your pelvis. Adults between 90 to 300 lbs will find it most effective while optimum effectiveness is for users between 110 to 270lbs. Those who weigh less than 90 lbs might find it too big.

When can one start experiencing results?
They can vary from instant relief to several weeks after using BackJoy regularly. It depends on your original condition and how often you use this product. Those who don’t experience results are recommended to check their sitting position again and to make sure their buttock muscles are cupped firmly.

Can it work well with the help of a medical professional?
Yes, this product has been designed to work well with therapeutic regimes and you can show the brochure of this product to your doctor who can suggest a sitting posture that will apply most pressure and offer relief to your troubled areas.

Is there a medical advice to be followed?
If you are confined to a wheel chair, BackJoy won’t work for you. The same is true for those suffering from muscular atrophy or who face difficulty standing or walking for any duration of time. It’s a good idea to consult a doctor in case your back pain might require medical attention.

Is BackJoy effective?
It has worked well for many users who might not be cured of back pain but they get relief from strain and pressure from sitting that can aggravate the original condition. From lower back pain to herniated discs, degenerated discs to scoliosis and osteoporosis; there are several conditions that BackJoy can help with.

How should BackJoy be cleaned?
With mild soap and water or a regular upholstery cleaner.

Does it work on soft couches?
The Orthotic Cradling System used here works on soft cushions but it’s important to remember that sitting on soft couches can stretch and flatten your gluteus muscles further, which can aggravate your pain.

BackJoy Core Advantages

This product works according to expectations and offers relief from back pain caused due to sitting for long. It can also work wonders for those who suffer because of sciatica after sitting. It’s a versatile product that works for men and women and people of all ages.

To start with it has a positive impact on your legs worn out due to sitting on uncomfortable chairs. It then also works on your back, which gets relief from pain. So much so that if on days you forget to use your BackJoy Core you will immediately start noticing the difference. You can use it practically anywhere, including your car and it will ensure that you drive longer without pain.

The design of this product is very smart because it pushes the back in a straight line relieving pain. It’s a sturdy product and very good value for money.

BackJoy Core Complaints

One of the problems with the product is the fact that the edges of the unit tend to dig into the upper leg that can be quite discomforting. There’s also significant pressure on the upper leg, which makes it difficult to sit. But what’s worse is despite going through all this discomfort you don’t get any benefits you are looking for, which is a huge letdown.

While for some the product might work for a short duration of time it tends to fall apart sooner rather than later. And thus it stops being effective in a short span of time, which is not something you expect from a product you have paid substantial amount of money on. If the front part of BackJoy Core falls apart you don’t get the desired effect.

Another major problem with the product is the customer service, which is shambolic and can be downright abrupt. It’s a huge rigmarole you have to go through to get yourself heard. If you don’t get good results from the product in the first 30 days or it falls apart, it’s probably best to return it, albeit with some help from the customer service, which is hard to come by.



What do I get?

  • The Patented BackJoy Core
  • BONUS – The handy travel Satchel
  • BONUS – The “Stretch and Strengthen” DVD
  • Lifetime Warranty

BackJoy Core Official Offer
Try it risk-free for 30-days. All you pay today is $9.95 for shipping and handling. After 30 days if your Back Pain is gone and you’re feeling great and want to keep your BackJoy, you’ll be billed just 2 low monthly payments of $39.95. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied just return the BackJoy and your credit card will never be charged – not a penny. Canada shipping is an additional $7.95. HI, AK and US Territories shipping is an additional $12.95



BackJoy Core Video
BackJoy Core Spinal Animation Video – This animation shows you exactly what happens when you sit. Without BackJoy Core your pelvis falls backward creating a “C” shaped slouch. Muscles that are supposed to hold your back erect are flattened and useless under your body weight, your bottom spreads, nerves can be pinched and circulation can be cut off. Now rest in the BackJoy Core and it automatically flexes tipping your pelvis and spine in to natural support of posture. The back orthotically aligns in comfort and holds you there in a naturally pressure relieving cradle of comfort. This unique position triggers your core muscles, for the first time you will actually feel they are engaged while you sit. BackJoy will not cure your back-pain but will relieve the pressure and strain that aggravate back-pain when you sit.

The Back Joy Core – Back Orthotic device is one of the best devices for back pain and posture correction. The back joy forces you to sit up straight and makes your back and core muscles become stronger. You can use your back joy at home, at work, in the car or wherever you sit for long periods of time.


7 thoughts on “BackJoy Core Reviews and Complaints

  1. Hi,

    I bought two sets from OG Departmental Stores. Lately one of the set, the revets crack and broke into tiny pieces.

    May I know is there any shops that can help get this repair? Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    I bought two sets from OG Departmental Stores. Lately one of the set, the revets crack and broke into tiny pieces.

    May I know is there any shops that can help get this repair? Thanks!

  3. Yes, it works ! My office chair is not adjustable from front too back & is too deep for me. Placing a foam cushion behind my back did not help. I sit for 8 hrs. I was having a lot of pain where hip & tailbone join (sacroiliac). Pain shot up my hip/down my leg every time I stood up to where I almost couldn’t walk. Someone gave me one of these & boom within a few days pain is gone !! I don’t even notice I’m sitting on something. Definately with trying.

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