BackBridge Back Pain Reliever Review

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Has back pain become the bane of your existence? Have been noticing problems when you want to get in and out of the car or pick up your child? Do you experience back pain when you are tying your shoe laces or carrying a grocery bag for that matter? Do you struggle when you want to climb stairs, work out, sit for long hours at work or simply get out of bed? The reason behind all these problems is often improper core balance that can lead to back pain. And the solution to this problem is quite simple in the form of BackBridge

BackBridge Back Pain Reliever

This path breaking product is a simple and effective way of correcting you core imbalance and getting relief from back pain. Now by simply using this product for about two minutes, twice a day you can ensure that you get rid of your niggling back problems. This product is a design genius from Dr Todd Sinett and is known for its 4 stackable levels that expand with you. Thus your spine tends to get more flexible and generally healthier. This product is extremely lightweight and portable, so that you can use it in the house, while you are in your car or at work too.

The soft, high density foams used in this non invasive product is extremely comfortable for use as well. Many other back remedy products in the market are quite complicated to use, thankfully BackBridge is not one of them. There are no irritating contraptions you have to deal with when using this product and neither do you have to plug it in anywhere. What’s more, now you will experience back pain relief without having to rely on over the counter products, which can have their side effects. No more medical bills involved with these treatments either.

Simply improve your core balance and bid goodbye to back pain for good.

BackBridge System FAQs

Can anyone use BackBridge system?
People of all ages, those who are athletic or sedentary, can use BackBridge. But if the pain is acute, it’s recommended to consult a doctor.

What’s the ideal time frame to progress from one BackBridge level to another?
Although it’s a unique experience to ever user, on the whole it takes about 3 weeks. But your comfort is most important; hence it’s a good idea to start a new level for about 30 seconds before moving back to the previous level. You can gradually add more time to the new level based on your comfort.

How does one get up after using BackBridge system?
You should slowly roll to your side, then gradually sit up and take time to be back on your feet. You don’t want to get dizzy by getting up quickly.

How long should the BackBridge system be used?
You can use the system for 2 minutes, twice a day. Using it daily offers you back pain relief you are looking for.

Can one sleep on the system?
It’s certainly not recommended.

Are there any other uses of the system?
It can be attached to a chair with the adjustable strap to work as a chair support, or as a desk chair or in a car.

Can it be used for longer duration, twice a day?
The BackBridge system can be used for more than two minutes, twice a day. Dr. Sinett who developed the system for more than 5 years has arrived at the conclusion that the system works well with at least two minutes of use twice a day. You can use it for longer durations if you want, but the trick is to build up slowly and stop if you feel any pain or discomfort.

Why do my toes and hands tingle when using BackBridge system?
It only means your nerves are being irritated. BackBridge system realigns your spine through putting it into extension. Normally your body is used to being compressed and sitting in hunched forward positions in front of the computer. When harmful effects of this posture are being undone, your body feels the tingling sensation. When your arms are extended behind your head, there might be a tingling sensation in your hands, which can be reduced by crossing your hands over your chest. You can keep a support pillow between your knees if there’s a tingling feeling in your lower back.

It’s not a bad idea to go to the lower level of the system till you feel no tingling. If tingling persists, use it for shorter durations before building up to 2 minutes. Tingling will reduce as you keep using the BackBridge system, if it doesn’t, you can consult a doctor.

How BackBridge Works?
This, one and only device, offers back pain relief through core imbalance correction. This product designed by Dr. Tom Sinett that has four stackable levels that expand enhancing your spines health and flexibility. Safe and easy to use, it is portable to so that you can experience back pain free life wherever you are.

Core Imbalance
Your body needs balance in both moving forward and backward. But more often we end up bending forward to lift kids, sit in front of the computer or pick up grocery bags for that matter. Thus there is no extension of the back, which leads to problems with neck, shoulders, hips, knees and lower back. This imbalance is corrected by BackBridge system, which gives your body the desired extension. Your spine is realigned and you get proper balance, which reduces pain in the back and gives you overall stability and wellbeing.

How to use BackBridge system?
Core imbalance can be improved upon by lying on the BackBridge system for two minutes, twice a day as it decompresses your spine and releases pain and tension. Your entire spine, right from the tailbone to the base of the neck is aligned by the BackBridge system. This is in contrary to neck pillows and devices meant for lumbar support, which only target specific areas.

4 different levels in the BackBridge system add to the magic because you gain overall spinal health. The number of levels used can be increased to get flexibility and more extension in the spine.

You can choose the level of intensity with four adjustable and stackable tiers, depending on your flexibility level. The arched bridge design means the product works well with the curvature of your spine. It only means practically anyone of any age, shape and size can use this product.



What do I get?
You can buy BackBridge for two payments of $39.95 plus shipping and handling charge of $19.95 at You can also get a strap, 2 exclusive videos: Getting Started and Stabilize & Strengthen, and quick-start guide: The Bridge to Pain Relief with your offer by paying additional S&H.


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