Back Bubble REVIEW

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About Back Bubble

Back Bubble is a medical multi-positional stretching device that promises to bring relief from lower back pain almost immediately. Back Bubble declares to be so effective that it can relieve up to 99% back pain. Whether it is a disc problem, sciatica, muscular pain, chronic back pain, or arthritis, Back Bubble assures to bring relief from it all along with improving flexibility and range of motion.


Back Bubble Review

Emily Anderson in her Back Bubble review mentions that the Back Bubble device is the fastest way to rip your door out of the wall, while tearing your clothes and scratching your belly from door lock (the funny rubber won’t stay in place for even one second and will not protect you). Back Bubble is a $5 nylon strip that cost 3 times of a high quality Inversion Therapy Table.

Julie Barnes is happy with her purchase, in her Back Bubble review she says that the Back Bubble is so easy to use. You can use the Back Bubble anytime you walk through the doorway that you have it hanging from. The Back Bubble is easy to adjust too. This means that every member of your family can easily get in and out of it and adjust it for themselves.

Chris Long in her Back Buccle review says that the Back Bubble is not only for people with acute back pain or spinal injuries such as disc herniation, it is also for a person wanting to be proactive with keeping their spine in good working order. Back Bubble also helps prevent disc deterioration in the future as you age. Spinal decompression has been around in a clinical setting for some time. But if you have ever been told you could benefit from it and looked to see the cost of said treatments, it’s not financially affordable for most of the population. The Back Bubble is unlike any other and is fully portable and takes up little space. You can throw it in a suitcase and take it with you wherever you go, unlike an inversion table or other stand alone devices which you can’t. Back Bubble is also easy to use and doesn’t require help getting in and out of. Back Bubble is for the entire family.

Richard Chase in his review says using Back Bubble for only 1-2 minutes to do the routine for severe lower back pain can give you significant difference in how you feel and in your general well being.

Christine O’Dell claims in her review that Back Bubble is sure to support your weight. The door, plus the hinges, show no visible signs of any stress. You can easily set the Back Bubble up following the instructions video and using the rubber stop support when engaged.

Carol Moore in her Back Bubble review claims that you are sure to love Back Bubble because you can now be more proactive with managing your back health. Living with back pain is so debilitating and life constraining. The Back Bubble will really help you and will influence and prevent/minimize future back challenges.

Hannah Gilligan in her Back Bubble review says that if you are suffering from terrible back pain from falling on your tailbone, and can barely walk at times or lift things that have any weight to them then Back Bubble really works. It even helps your back feel better after spending the day working. Back Bubble also does not take up a lot of room in my house.

Back Bubble CLAIMS

Using the procedure of air cushioned spinal decompression, Back Bubble asserts to relieve pain and pressure in the back. The spine is said to open up along with the precision steel traction spring of Back Bubble and the air cushion provides targeted support to let gravity pull the weight of the lower body downward. With this action Back Bubble claims to relax the muscles and safely decompress the spine so that you feel pain-free instantly.


Immediate relief from lower back pain – If you suffer from lower back pain and no amount of pills have helped and you want to avoid back surgery then Back Bubble maintains to come to your rescue. Back Bubble is a medical device that you can use at home to alleviate back pain. It uses air cushioned spinal decompression to alleviate pain and pressure in the back. Back Bubble proclaims that first gravity gently pulls the lower body weight downwards, then muscles relax and the device decompresses the spine thus taking the pressure off the discs and nerves bringing relief form pain.

Back Bubble can adjust according to the height and weight of the user so whether you are of a small frame or big you can safely use the device and get relief from lower back pain fast. If you have ongoing back pain, you can allegedly use Back Bubble any time you feel the onset of pain – whether in the morning or night – to get relief.


No more pills or treatments – You can still have debilitating back pain even if you visit a physician regularly and consume expensive pain killers that have many harmful side effects. Back Bubble emphasizes to let you save money on expensive treatments and time on visiting doctors by allowing you to stretch your back right at home. Back Bubble declares that it is the only multi-positional stretching device that lets you stretch your back muscles in every direction that the spine naturally moves in. It promises to bring 99% relief in back pain and improves the range of motion and flexibility greatly.


Keeps the user’s comfort in mind – Back Bubble states that it keeps the comfort of the user in mind while it is being used because the more relaxed the sufferer feels the better and faster the results will be. It convinces that you don’t require hanging awkwardly by your ankle or being strapped to a cumbersome machine. Back Bubble assures that your spine will feel zero pressure when you are stretching on it. It emphasizes to bring significant reduction in inflammation in the back. Back Bubble guarantees to deflate for easy storage.

Back Bubble Question & Answers

Q. Does the Back Bubble fit on any size door?
A. Yes

Q. Why is the Back Bubble better than the decompression devices that wrap around your ribs?
A. Most, if not all portable decompression devices that you hang from wrap around your rib cage and restrict and compression the ribs. Back Bubble is open in the front and is therefore non-compressive. The rib compression created by the Back Bubble that wrap around decreases motion in the ribs themselves. It is rib motion that allows one to breathe deeply and get the benefits of the oxygen in the air. Decreased motion causes decreased function, therefore decreasing the effectiveness and strength of the abdominals, the diaphragm and the QL. These muscles support your back and help maintain correct posture.

Q. Will the Back Bubble help with spinal degeneration?
A. Yes, spinal degeneration results from poor motion in the disc and the spine. It is not from age otherwise every disc in your entire spine would have the same amount of degeneration. The discs in your spine require good motion to drive nutrients and fluid into the discs to maintain their health. The better the motion the better the disc. The Back Bubble improves motion and separation of the spinal vertebrae creating a negative pressure gradient within the disc drawing fluid and nutrients in.

Q. What is the maximum weight the Back Bubble will support?
A. Back Bubble will support a maximum weight of 350 pounds. Use the door wedge under the front edge of the door. It may also be helpful to put longer screws into the top hinge on both the door and jamb side.

Q. Is the Back Bubble better than an inversion table? If so, why?
A. 1. Inversion table are not portable, the Back Bubble is.
2. Inversion has numerous contraindications. The Back Bubble has a few contraindications, one of which is pregnancy.
3. Most individuals just hang in the inversion, and therefore don’t pump the discs of the spine. By bending and strengthening the knees, the Back Bubble truly decompresses the spine, unlike the way most users of inversion therapy, just hang. Furthermore, hanging upside down greatly increases blood pressure, strokes and detached retina that can result. Some folks just don’t like being upside down–I’m one of those. Other contraindications for inversion tables are: bone weakness, recent fractures, skeletal implants, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, high blood pressure, heart and circulatory disorders, stroke and TIA. The inversion table is also bulky and is far from portable.

Q. Does Back Bubble put stress on the arms or shoulders?
A. Depends, because you have to use your arms to pull down on the handles to create the tension of the straps around your body. However, by standing on your tippy toes while pulling down on the handles, not that much strength is required. So by pulling down on the handles, and creating tension in the strap around you, you can relax and suspend from the tubing. At this point, you are supposed to relax your pull on the grips/handles. If done correctly, then no. The tubes and strap hold you in place. It takes some strength to tension the strap around you at first. Some people make the mistake of pulling too hard with their arms which decreases the effectiveness of the Back Bubble. This is because the lats attach and the top of the sacrum in your pelvis up into the arms. Over pulling and not relaxing your grip over contracts your lats, thereby decreasing the effectiveness of the decompression. Over time, Back Bubble users get better at relaxing and not over pulling with their arms.

Q. Where is the best place to put the Back Bubble up?
A. Hang the Back Bubble on a door that you walk by often. Put the Back Bubble somewhere you see it. Each time you walk by the Back Bubble, get in it for a minute or two and you will feel the results. The kitchen pantry closet is a great place for frequent use.

Q. How does the Back Bubble work?
A. When you stand or sit, your upper body weight compresses your spine, putting pressure on injuries and delicate nerves. This pressure may cause severe pain in the lower back and/ or legs. When you hang on the Back Bubble, your lower body weight immediately decompresses your spine, taking the pressure off and relieving the pain. Once your lower back is decompressed and relaxed, an increased flow of fluids pushes out the inflammation and brings in healing oxygen that can provide immediate pain relief.

Q. How do you assemble the Back Bubble?
A. The Back Bubble comes fully assembled.

Q. How often and when should I use the Back Bubble?
A. The Back Bubble can be used as and when you like but it is recommended to gradually build the length of time you use the Back Bubble and the number of times you use it per day. Begin with a time frame of about 2 to 3 minutes and 2 or 3 times daily. The best time to use the Back Bubble is right before you lie down for the night because more fluids can flow through your back- your body’s healing mechanism. However, you can use the Back Bubble in the morning, noon, or night.

Q. What makes the Back Bubble unique to other decompression devices and inversion tables?
A. The Back Bubble has used by hundreds of thousands to relieve back pain for over 30 years. There is no other device like the Back Bubble. The Back Bubble can relieve pain quickly, pinpoint the stretch exactly where you position it, stretch you in all the directions your spine moves, align your lower back naturally. It is multi-positional so you can use it upright, inverted, or any which way that pinpoints your pain. It also deflates to a 5 pound package for easy portability. Back Bubble allows you to quickly increase or decrease the stretch.

What do I get?

  • The Back Bubble Patient Model
  • Easy Hanger [2 Crossbar Mounting Brackets, 6 mounting screws, 1 crossbar]
  • 1 U Hook and Nylon Strap
  • 1 Spring, Safety Cord and Metal Buckle
  • Quick start guide. Instructional Guide with Step By Step Photos
  • 1-year warranty

Price: $199.80 + plus $29.95 S&P | Official website:

6 thoughts on “Back Bubble REVIEW

  1. Back bubble is awesome. I’ve had it for years and it works great. Instead of mounting it on the doorway I attached a hook to a 2×4 on the ceiling so you can move it out of the way fairy fast. Inversion boards are BAD on the joints so you really need to be careful. I threw mine out after it affected my hips. They are healed now but I can’t recommend that to anyone. The BB does not pull on any joints if you use it correctly.

  2. Much better more efficient and not in the way of doorjam.
    Backbubble needs to be removed from holder after every use or you are walking into the bubble coming in and out of particular doorjam it was hung on.
    The instructions on dvd and manual are not easy to decifer.
    If you use it incorrectly and do not have a professional showing you how to use implicitly, you will not be able to take advantages of the backbubble’s claims.
    You are safer with a tens unit or an inversion table, both are even more effevtive.
    We must remember that the backbubble is only an intertube on a rope. Anyway, you can mimick that you have a backbubble, certainly not worth the money.
    Most people once they take it off hanger they usually forget it in a closet because of its inconvenience.

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