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What is ArisiTol?

It is a mint-flavored tablet that contains hemp oil, a natural source of the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol). ArisiTol is non-synthetic, functions acts as a holistic care of the body, provides relief from occasional pain and inflammation and acts as the dietary consumption of hemp oil CBD.

Non-toxic, non-psychoactive and natural

ArisiTol is being earnestly promoted as an effective natural ingredient for holistic enhancement of the body that can do wonders. The makers of the tablet assure you that it can be incorporated as the perfect supplement for your daily diet to lead a healthy and active life style. One need not worry that ArisiTol might be a mind-altering substance like drugs. It is a non-toxic and non-psychoactive supplement that’s medically safe and hence is being promoted for regular use. The objective of ArisiTol is to help people get relief from occasional pain that regular treatment does not cure and also for various health benefits.


A modern age wonder drug

ArisiTol contains hemp oil and is a source of CBD, which is being regarded as a medical revolution. Research is revealing how CBD systematically targets inflammation, the root cause of all pains and joint inflammation. Also, a link has been observed between CBD and getting relief from several health problems such as neuroinflammation, epilepsy, muscle spasm, anxiety oxidative injury, nausea, schizophrenia and others. CBD functions as an anti-oxidant, anti-emetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic component, elements of which are naturally present in the tablets. ArisiTol promises effective relief from not only the health issues mentioned above but also benefits the entire body. It boosts overall well-being so you enjoy a normal active lifestyle. Apparently it regulates the body’s natural process to balance pain with CBD, which is present in it. They are wholly safe they are natural and non-synthetic, which supposedly makes it a part of natural holistic relief from various medical issues.


Delicious and refreshing in taste

ArisiTol may be a medicine but it tastes great so that taking it is not a hassle. It’s a tablet containing 3mg of CBD with a delicious minty taste that simply melts in your mouth before it’s swallowed.


    What do I get ?

  • You get ArisiTol for $90
  • Official Website :

2 thoughts on “ArisiTol

  1. I ordered myself a trial bottle and got it in three days. ArisiTol is actually a surprisingly professional product, more ‘normal’ than any of the other CBD products I have tried so far. ArisiTol comes with a nice cotton filler, the tablets are an off-white color with little green dots where the CBD Hemp Oil is – no added colors, wax or anything.

    I was amazed by the flavor right from the first one. ArisiTol was very different because it basically tastes and works exactly like a certs breath mint, but it is an all-natural health product! There was no taste at all of the hemp oil that is infused into this product, no green tongue or strange smell – great for people like me that would rather keep my personal business quiet.

    This is a particular CBD product that is already 50 State legal, so people all over can get the benefits now – that was an exciting thing to find out. ArisiTol contains certified and tested all-natural Hemp Oil from industrial hemp plants, but does not have any psychoactive side effects or other issues that conflict with my meds. I have researched CBD for quite some time, and ArisiTol stands out in some very interesting ways that I really like.

    I was also pleasantly surprised with the relief I that got from just the sample bottle. I had an almost immediate improvement in my mood and outlook after the first three tablets. Then, after about four days my physical pain had begun to subside and the CBD started taking hold. Now, I am just taking one or two a day and everything feels normal like I was 30 again. I don’t spend all day focussing on pain and ways to fix myself that never work, and I buy mine directly from the manufacturer now.

    I must admit I was quite skeptical on the efficacy of this product. I have searched through many varieties of CBD medicines, and I seek out those that will help with both my anxiety and my physical arthritis pain. I tried CanChew first, which was more than double the cost, and I was not too impressed. There are artificial flavors and preservatives in the CanChew product. Some people tout it as “all natural” but you should read the ingredients before using. One ingredient causes severe gas and bloating and possibly kidney stones.

    With all of these points, and gum not being ideal for people with dentures – ArisiTol was a much better choice for me. I take it, I like it, and it just works. Besides that – it’s about half the cost of other brands. I guess sometimes that matters too 🙂

  2. What a great product. Finally something with no side effects that works. I’m now a fan of ArisiTol! What other products are you coming out with? CBD is the way of the future!

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