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What is Aquasana?

It is an exceptional advanced drinking water filter that uses the best-in-class filtering technology for healthy, pure and great-tasting water. It eliminates maximum water contaminants, chlorine taste and odor while successfully retaining minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium in the water.

Get going with good health

Aquasana claims it’s the revolutionary solution to the problem that troubles the whole world today- lack of clean and healthy water that humans need. It is a sophisticated water filter that promises to convert ordinary tap water into sparkling clean water that is fortified with minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. The manufacturers of Aquasana state that it is provided with special Patent Pending Claryum filtration technology which reduces 60 harmful contaminants in water that cause various aliments. Also, water treated by this filter offers optimum hydration that the human body needs which, it alleges other filters don’t and also effectively reduces the chlorine taste, odor and several other problems from your drinking water.


The secret- powerful water filtration system

The creators of Aquasana assert that filtering water with an advanced water filter is better than boiled water. Aquasana promises it does that and more with its unique water filtration system, which uses an advanced dual stage for carbon block filtration. It is also NSF 42 and 53 certified, which deems this system fit to treat water in transforming its quality in every way and ensuring that it’s chemical-free.

Easy to install

If you’re worried that installing Aquasana may be difficult and complicated, rest easy. Its promoters assure you that it is very easy and quick to install the filters. Changing its replacement filters and cartridges is simple, and it also requires no drain system or elaborate plumbing and fixtures. It is a space saving filter that also comes with added features like performance indicator, life replacement filters and more. It is also available in a wide range from which you can choose the one that suits you best. Its maintenance costs are also very low so you can look forward to providing your entire family with pure and healthy drinking water.

Great for other purposes too

You can also use the water treated by Aquasana for other utilities like preparing tea, coffee and more. It also claims that it helps you restore your beauty as water treated by it softens the skin and hair.

Eco-friendly technology

The experts at Aquasana guarantee that they use eco-friendly system which minimizes use and wastage of plastic. According to them, all the water filter components they produce create minimal waste. They also offer reusable outer filter casings and filter cartridges that are made of recyclable parts and compostable materials. Its filtered drinking water and reusable glass water bottles reduce plastic bottle waste.

What do I get?

Please see official website

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