Amberen Natural Menopause Relief Review

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Menopause for many women is a time of discomfort, irritation, hot flushes and many more uncomfortable symptoms. But now, you can get relief from all these problems with the amazing Amberen Natural Menopause Relief! The Amberen Natural Menopause Relief contains breakthrough ingredients that go beyond artificial hormones and beyond herbal supplements!


How does Amberen Natural Menopause Relief work?
Amberen contains smart molecules that boost the body’s hormonal function. Whether you are just beginning to experience early symptoms or already going through menopause, Amberen can help. Your body has a mechanism that regulates hormones. With age, this mechanism wears down, causing loss of hormonal balance and onset of menopause.

Amberen works by rejuvenating this regulatory mechanism and alleviating common menopausal symptoms. It provides effective relief for a host of menopausal symptoms ranging from hot flashes, night sweats, female desire for and comfort with intimacy, sleeplessness, difficulty in concentrating, weight gain, low energy mood swings. The Amberen Natural Menopause Relief helps among others, increase in energy levels, ability to concentrate and feelings of general wellbeing.

With Amberen, you have to take just two capsules a day for ninety days. The capsules are very small and easy to swallow. Relief is fast and lasting. On average, you can expect the effects of Amberen to last for up to 3 months after you’ve completed your course! The Amberen Natural Menopause Relief is the smart woman’s choice!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
30-Day Trial Pack for $49.99. Official Offer


Amberen Natural Menopause Relief Video


10 thoughts on “Amberen Natural Menopause Relief Review

  1. I tried Amberen…I just barely completed my third order…with each order being 90 days. My first 90 days on it seemed to work. Then you are supposed to come off it for 90 days. Close to the end of that 90 days ky sweats came back full on…so I spoke to a rep who said I should start my second round of 90 days….so I did. But the second round did nothing. If anything it seemed like my symptoms worsened and I was then told by their nurse to double up on ky pills for 14 days..which I did. I really didn’t see too much difference and when my second round of pills finished I was only off of them for 1 week when I decided to start my third round extremely early as instructed by their nurse. I now was 60 days into ky third round…and ky sweats worsened to the point that I never completed the last 30 days. I am now off amberen and ky symptoms have been subsiding…not completely gone hut so much better without it. Guess its jot working for me and I won’t order anymore. Waste of ky money.

  2. It’s very simple really. Turn the bottle around and look at the little box near the bottom.

    It will say,

    “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

    Basically what it’s saying is since it’s not regulated by the FDA there’s no proof it will work. Also, without the FDA regulations the ingredients may not be consistent.

    This goes for most nutritional supplements except for soy, Omega III’s and a very few others.

  3. One has to be very careful about buying such products because you never know what side effects they might lead to. Manufacturers will only talk about positive things about the product and highlight them in the infomercials. It’s the job of the review sites to tell me if it’s worth buying the product. At least that’s what I thought till I began looking for reviews about Amberen Natural Menopause Relief. But these reviews were not any different from those infomercials because they were only praising the product to the skies. They also had these Buy Now tabs, but I knew better than to click on them. But if that wasn’t enough there were some sites that were taking me to other pages altogether, which were directly selling these products. That’s certainly not what I was looking for. And I only found a genuine review on your site, for which I am immensely grateful.

    • It would be a lot better if you didn’t have to go through such an annoying experience every time you looked for a product review. Many users have had similar experiences in the recent times and it’s because affiliate marketers have combined with manufacturers to come up with these fake review sites. They have dazzling sales pitches as you say and tricks to make users buy these products. Search engines have not managed to do anything about these sites, which is why they are brazenly out there.

  4. It is quiet frustrating when you are looking for good and genuine reviews written by real people online. I was looking for “Amberen Natural Menopause Relief Reviews” over the internet since I wanted to read some reviews before deciding to purchase the product. Thinking that these reviews will be quite helpful I clicked on available links but was disappointed by what I found on those websites. The sites were some kind of fake since the reviews were completely positive and there was no realistic feel to it. It looked as if the manufacturers have made the site by also giving an Order Now button along with the review. It also had annoying pop ups with purchasing options. After some irritating and hard time on such fake websites I finally landed on this website. This site has exactly what I was looking for, genuine reviews by real people. Thank you for sharing the experience regarding the product.

    • These websites which carry an option to purchase the product right from there are in fact a kind of scam. Search engines do not have the intelligence to judge whether a website is genuine or fake when it lists the search results. This particular flaw is exploited by manufacturers and resellers by making such fake sites and fooling customers into purchasing products which might not be really good. Sadly nothing can be done to stop such sites apart from warning people about it.

  5. Pros/Benefits
    ·Amberen has double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study to back it up. This means that it works and there is proof to back it up.

    ·Amberen is a non-hormonal treatment but acts like a hormonal treatment. When you enter your menopause or premenopause stage, communication between hypothalamus and hormone-producing system is disrupted. This leads to non-production of hormones. Amberen restores this to start producing the correct amount of hormone the body needs. Like a hormonal treatment it helps restore energy metabolism. This means that Amberen can be taken with any medication because of its unique properties.

    ·Amberen doesn’t have to be taken throughout the year. Just take Amberen for 3 months, rest for 3 months, take it again for 3 months, and another 3 months rest. This means it is more economical. The rest period varies between person to person.

    ·They have a free trial, a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business badge, and a 30-days money back guarantee which means they’re credible to do business with.

    ·It only contains only 100% natural ingredients which are on the FDA’s approved Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list.

    ·You can contact the company directly if you want the Clinical Manuscript for your doctor to review to safeguard you from your previous medical conditions and history.

    ·Their free trial has no recurring Charges, no autoship programs and no cancellation fees.

    Using this product may not give you very good sleep and your anxiety levels may rise. Even if you double the dosage, the result can be even worse.

    The product may also lead you to sleep walk.
    Clinical research for Amberen is done in Russia. Today medical science is so advanced everywhere so it does not really matter where the research is conducted. But some women may question this.

    ·There are some women who have complained of mild side effects such as headaches and itching caused by a small percentage of MSG inside Amberen. Even though it acts as a neurotransmitter for the treatment, some people with really high MSG sensitivity can be affected.

    ·Some say that the dosage in the product is less than what is there in the product tested during the clinical research. This has caused some women to attain the desired result when they increased the dosage themselves. For others, the recommended dosage may bring them instant relief.

    ·Amberen is not suitable for persons with hyperthyroid conditions. It’s advisable not to consume Amberen before consulting with their physician.

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