Air Glider Insoles

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It is a well-known fact that wearing the right footwear is really important to make sure your legs do not feel stressed. But all footwear do not have the design to support everyone’s feet and hence one resorts to using insoles. But tough insoles can create a lot of issues by providing shock to the knee and back region increasing the pain in these areas. And with time and age these insoles can cause serious damage to the body and the joints. This problem is said to be solved by Air Glider Insoles.

How does Air Glider Insoles Work

The right kind of support to the feet makes sure that the whole body stays balanced and that is exactly what Air Glider Insoles claims to do. The exciting feature that Air Glider Insoles supposedly possess is the amount of softness its cushioned design provides to the feet. Air Glider Insoles has been made from research that has worked towards reducing adverse effects of footwear on the joints of the body. Hence the design of Air Glider Insoles consists of 100 micro-cushions that are built into the bottom side of the insole to make it softer like no other insole available anywhere. In fact, Air Glider Insoles are so soft that even dropping an egg over it will not break the egg’s shell.

Air Glider Insoles have particular micro-cushions that promise to provide not only softness but also the ability to breathe through the feet converting every step into a smooth glide. Additionally, the Air Glider Insoles can be easily reversed so as to use the micro-cushions to provide a comforting foot massage making it a 2 way usage insole. The most important part of Air Glider Insoles as claimed is that it can be used to fit anyone’s footwear since it is designed to fit universally.




What do I get?

  • Buy two Air Glider Insoles for $14.99 Plus 11.98 P& H

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