Advantage Alert

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What is Advantage Alert:

It is a medical alert system for elders who live alone at home and claims to get them help instantly in times of emergencies.
Advantage Alert promises to offer elders much needed peace of mind knowing they have help at hand when they need it the most. If you live on your own, then you’d want to know that you have been looked out for in the time of emergency. If you elder parents or relatives live by themselves, then you are constantly going to be worried about them as well. Advantage Alert keeps your mind at rest because you know they will have help at the push of a button.

Advantage Alert system and how it works for you

Advantage Alert system gives you access to a pendant that can be worn by elders on their wrists or necks for that matter. In case you feel that you are in need of help, you can press the button and a well trained operator will begin a two way conversation through the medical alarm console. Advantage Alert ensures that you can be heard from any room in your house because the medical alert base unit has a sensitive microphone. You can speak hands free and specify your emergency to get help sooner rather than later.


Advantage Alert means help is at hand at the earliest

In case the trained operators aren’t able to hear you through the Advantage Alert system then help is despatched to you at the earliest. The same is true of emergency situations, because the operators get in touch with the local paramedic services instantly. Advantage Alert system claims that your emergency contacts including your friends and family members will be contacted at the earliest so that they can be with you.

Advantage Alert ensures help throughout the day and night

Advantage Alert system has a console that is monitored 24×7, 365 days in the year, offering you much needed peace of mind. Moreover the pendant is waterproof, which means you can have it on in showers, tubs and just about anywhere.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Advantage Alert for $ 45.00
  • Official website:
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