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What is Adaptophen:

It is a natural testosterone booster that claims to help you build muscle, strength and improve performance too.
Adaptophen has been specially designed to offer high levels of Tongkat Ali, which is considered to be a key to boost testosterone levels. And that’s how it claims to offer you benefits like building muscles while having a positive impact on your sex drive and libido too. Those who are looking to lose abdominal fat and get washboard abs can also benefit from the use of Adaptophen, which claims to offer you results in 28 days.

Adaptophen and the importance of free testosterone to your body

There are two types of testosterone in our bodies; free and bonded. The latter attaches itself with albumin and globulin, which is why it doesn’t have any direct benefits for you. But free testosterone moves freely and can attach to androgen receptors in cells to give you the benefits you want. Studies have shown that the main ingredient in Adaptophen, Tongkat Ali can boost production of free testosterone. According to a study, men supplementing with same amount of TA in Adaptophen experienced 37% increase in free testosterone in 28 days.


Adaptophen is specially formulated and safe for use

You have to understand that potential stimulators of testosterone are actually zero calorie molecules with direct or indirect actions. Insulin, anabolic steroids, growth hormones are just a few of them. But the problem with them is that there are side effects and legal issues to contend with as well. Adaptophen maintains that it can be a smart alternative because it’s a university-tested formula that works without filling fat stores. Adaptophen claims to boost testosterone, lean muscle, libido and energy levels in men while helping them lose fat and get into fit shape too.

Adaptophen has six muscle medical grade muscle building adaptogens

Tongkat Ali, is one of the most important ingredients in Adaptophen and it’s considered to be a natural alternative to steroids. It is shown to radically unregulate body’s natural production of anabolic hormone testosterone. Siberian Rhodiola Rosea is another crucial ingredient found in Adaptophen and it contains the important anabolic component Rosavin. It has shown to help muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth. Deer Antler velvet on the other hand was tested on performance of Russian athletes and it gave astonishing results. It not only fastened their recovery time after exercise but naturally increased the levels of testosterone and IGF-1.
5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone is another vital ingredient in Adaptophen and it is a compound that has been proven to reduce cortisol levels. Moreover it increases protein synthesis and ensures that you recover sooner after exercises. Adaptophen also contains ZMA, which has been proven to enhance hormone profiles and add to your strength levels as well. Scientists from Western Washington University carried out a study with 12 NCAA Division II football players. They took ZMA every night during an eight week spring training program. It was seen that their muscle strength grew 2.5 times more than the placebo group. The group also saw 30% growth in testosterone levels as compared to 10% seen in the latter.

Adaptophen and how to use it

According to laboratory evidence, Adaptophen should be taken twice daily as it stimulates release of testosterone from their binding proteins. Hence overall profile of hormones is improved. Results have also shown that you see reduced fatigue, better moods and higher energy levels. Tongkat Ali, the ingredient in Adaptophen also helps you build lean mass and lose fat, according to its claims. And it’s quite easy to be incorporated into your daily routine.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Adaptophen 1 Month supply for $37
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