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What is ActivPhy?

It is a delicious soft chew for dogs that ensures their well-being by focusing on their joint mobility, eases everyday discomfort and boosts flexibility. It contains nutritious ingredients such as the patented blue green algae that deem it ideal for any dog..

A delicious treat for good health!

ActivPhy is a new supplement for dogs that claims it successfully relieves them from various health problems besides being exceptionally delicious in taste. It is basically a flavorsome soft chew supplement that positions itself as the perfect solution to problems dogs face such as limited joint mobility, discomfort while carrying out everyday activities and lack of flexibility. Animals tend to endure discomfort and ill-health in silence, to which we are generally oblivious. Problems afflicting joint mobility and flexibility of pet are known to bog pets down. ActivPhy states that it effectively eases these issues and makes it possible for your pet to lead a normal and active life.


Your pet will love it!

According to the creators of ActivPhy, this soft chew supplement is a must-have if you own a pet dog. It has a delicious taste and is pleasant to chew. It guarantees it keeps your pet in great shape for which you need to give it to your pet just once a day. It contains glucosamine, MSM and a patented blue green algae extract that boost joint health, supply antioxidants and also do wonders to their muscle, bone and cartilage fitness.

Safe to take, suits all dogs

The promoters of ActivPhy assert that this soft chew is perfect for any dog irrespective of its age and size. The supplement also suits dogs who suffer from most food allergies. They assure you that you can give it to your pet and reap tremendous benefits it brings. It is enriched with fatty acids that are good for your pet’s cardiovascular system, heart, muscles and coat. It also provides assistance with their body’s normal anti-inflammatory response owing to normal daily exercise besides ensuring that the structural integrity of their joints and connective tissues is functional. The supplement also replenishes the health of your pet by providing it antioxidants along with other rejuvenating ingredients and benefits. Also, ActivPhy is available in two varieties viz. one for dogs under 30 lbs. another for those who are over 30 lbs. in weight and cater to different needs to ensure your pet’s healt at every stage.

What do I get?

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