44X Bed Bug Spray Review

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We are afraid of small, phantom veil menace the – Bed Bugs. Now is the time to combat them. Introducing 44X Bed Bug Repellent Spray a safe, non-toxic, organic natural enzyme based spray that effectively repels bed-bugs in your home, hotel rooms, movie theatre or in your luggage. It is ideal to protect you against bed bugs anywhere.


44X Bed Bug Spray
Its “Back to School” and you don’t want to have Bed Bugs as your roommates. Bed Bugs are especially growing in the college/school campuses. They love hidden dark places like cracks and crevices.

The other breeding home for bedbugs is hotel rooms. They have people visiting them from all over the places and brining these tiny hitchhikers with them. The sofa and furniture in the hotel rooms is where you can find them waiting for their food (your blood!!). These bloodsuckers stick to just anything, when you checkout the hotel you are unaware of these bootlickers hanging around your body, clothes, handbags and other things – your house is their next “home”. So beware of what you bring home from these hotels.

You might enjoy watching a movie in the theatre unaware of these bugs crawling all over your body. You bring them home and soon they are such a menace especially for your kids.

It is always good to carry your own Bed Bug Spray because you are not sure if these places have been cleaned of these suckers. But Bed Bugs is not the only problem, fighting them too is an issue. Pesticides kill Bed Bugs but they also cause collateral damage. Pesticides have adverse effects on humans, waterways, environment and pets and is used as a last option.

44X Bed Bug Spray is all natural enzyme based repellent that is effective against bed bugs and other small insects without having any toxic effect on humans, pets or the environment. The 44X Spray is odor and stain free and is safe to be used on mattresses, bed sheets, clothes, even under garments,

About Natural Enzyme Cleaners
Organic bug spray like the 44X contains naturally occurring Enzymes (protein) which breakdown these bed bugs into their constituent elements!! The enzymes used in the 44X spray are all naturally occurring and are in adherence with the nature’s decomposition cycle. The enzymes are as effective as the harsh chemicals in the pesticides buy without any “collateral damage”. Natural Enzyme cleaners are claimed to be safe to such an extent that they don’t even carry a warning label on them.

44X Bed Bug Spray is another addition to “All-Natural Biodegradable, Environment Friendly, Non-Toxic” sprays advertised on the TV. There have been two similar products FabriClear, Good Night Bed Bug Spray.

44X Bed Bug Spray Ingredients
Active Ingredients

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Potassium Sorbate

Other Ingredients

  • Water
  • Yeast
  • Acetic Acid



What do I get?

Choose from

  • Home/Travel Combo (includes 5 Luggage Packets, 2 8oz Spray Bottles & Travel Kit) for $89.95 + $14.95 S&H
  • Standard Combo (Includes Travel Kit & 3 Pack Pen Sprays) for JUST $25.95 + $9.95 S&H.
  • Travelers’ Combo (includes Travel Kit & Luggage Packets) for $25.95 + $9.95 S&H.

Official website – www.44xBedBugRepellent.com

Customer Service:
Toll Free – 855-691-1962
Email – 44xbedbugrepellent@myorderstats.com



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3 thoughts on “44X Bed Bug Spray Review

  1. I was frustrated with sleepless nights due to bed bugs and thought to get rid of them completely. Out of numerous products available I zeroed in to purchase 44X Bed Bug Spray. To double check its capability I thought of searching the internet for some 44X Bed Bug Spray Reviews. The search engine listed a couple of websites which promised to provide genuine reviews. After going through a couple of them I realized these were some kind of promotional websites which had branding of the product all over the page. Plus the ease of putting a Buy Now button confirmed my suspicion that these must be some kind of scam by manufacturers to sell the product. I exited them quickly and was frustrated with no results till I hit this website. Thanks for putting up a genuine review site where real people come and post their experiences. Appreciate the effort taken to maintain such an honest review site.

    • It is true that manufacturers and their resellers setup promotional websites which carry a fake review regarding the product they want to sell. Regardless the quality of the product, many people are tricked into purchasing them and sadly nothing can be done about it. Search engine optimization helps these sites to come as top results in the searches since a search engine is not intelligent to tell a fake from a real website. Hope the review on this website has helped.

  2. Has anyone tried the 44X Bed Bug Spray, is it really effective?

    Does it smell?

    How often should you spray it?

    Does it really kill Bed Bugs?

    Are you satisfied with the results?

    Is it really safe?

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