Wonder Wax Review | PAINFUL to use!!!

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What is Wonder Wax
Wonder Wax is a Beeswax Hair Removal Wax from Telebrands. It claims to be an all natural, painless, no-strip, quick & easy way to get rid of unwanted hair from head to toe. Wonder Wax claims to work for all hair type. Men too can use Wonder Wax.

Does Wonder Wax Work?

Wonder Wax does not work at all, we conclude this based on the reviews of customers who have used this hair removal wax. Customers who reviewed Wonder Wax have complained about:

  • Wonder Wax being messy and PAINFUL!!! It is so painful that it makes your skin red and leaves red patches all over the skin.
  • One reviewer has complained about the quantity of Wonder Wax being so less that you can use it only once.
  • It takes about 6 to 8 minutes to microwave the Wonder Wax hair removal gel
  • Customers who reviewed Wonder Wax complained that it takes awhile to melt and then its too hot to apply and it hardens very quickly
  • Wonder Wax does not peel off easily

How does Wonder Wax Hair Removal Claim to Work

Wonder Wax is an efficient and quick way of getting rid of unwanted body hair from the comforts of your home. And the results you get are on par with those you are used to seeing in professional salons. Importantly you will find this waxing treatment a shot in the arm because you won’t have to suffer any pain or irritation that is usually associated with waxing treatments. Wonder Wax lets you get rid of unwanted body hair painlessly and there won’t be any irritation of skin that you have to deal with later.

Beeswax Is the Secret
The secret of Wonder Wax lies in its main ingredient “BeesWax”. The soothing pretreatment desensitizes and prepare the hair to be removed. Beeswax sticks to the hair and not the skin and that’s where it scores over other traditional waxing products. And that’s also why you get soft, glowing skin from the comforts of your home, without having to go to professional salons for treatment you look for. Wonder Wax is very convenient to use when you need to as well and you can start with warming the wonder wax, which can be easily done in a microwave. You can then apply it to hair and lift to get sensational results.

Telebrands the manufacturer of Wonder Wax says you won’t have to take the time of the day or spend your hard earned money on those exorbitantly priced salon treatments. And you won’t have to contend with unwanted body hair because Wonder Wax will give you exquisite results and that too without causing you any pain or discomfort.

Though the manufacturer guarantees that Wonder Wax is painless. Wonder Wax may be painful if the hair that is removed is thick. But as you get used to it and the more you do it, the hair that grows back is thinner and is less painful.


How to use the Wonder Wax

1. Take the Wonder Wax in the 5 oz cup and gently heat it in an electric warmer. Do not “cook” it. It should be in a semi-solid state and not liquid
2. You can test if the Wonder Wax is ready by simply applying it on the underside of the wrists. Make sure it is WARM and NOT HOT.
3. Apply the Wonder Wax to the area to be waxed, with the small or large applicators. The Wonder Wax must be applied in the direction of the hair growth.
4. Do not use a cloth over the Wonder Wax.
5. Wait for a while and pull of the Wonder Wax quickly against the direction of hair growth.
6. When waxing bikini areas make sure the hair is not too long. You may have to use a scissor to shorten it, quarter of an inch is enough. Wonder Wax may not work effectively on longer hair.

Wonder Wax vs Depilation

Wonder Wax is a form of Epilation where the hair is removed from the root (below the surface of the skin). While in case of Depilation the hair is removed just at the skin level. Hair removed with Wonder Wax will take longer to grow as compared to depilation or shaving.


How long will the results last?
Though the Wonder Wax manufacturer does not mention how long the results last but based on the information from other sources results can last 3 to 6 weeks after waxing. It also depends on your personal hair growth rate.


Wonder Wax Precautions
Avoid sun exposure, hot showers, deodorant, beach, solarium, spa’s and sauna for 48 hours. Avoid using Wonder Wax if you have sunburns, wounds, rashes or open skin. Also do not apply any oil or lotions on the skin before waxing with Wonder Wax.

Is Wonder Wax Really Painless

NO!! Wonder Wax is not at all painless, it hurts a lot. Don’t get fooled by the commercial. Read these reviews here

Benefits of Beeswax Hair Removal (Not necessarily Wonder Wax’s)

100% natural beeswax can be used warm and then it is allowed to harden, which means it can be removed without any strips and pain. Waxing in general has its benefits because it removes hair in its entirety. Thus you can be hair free for weeks to come. But these regular waxing methods are painful because strips are used to remove hair. However 100% Beeswax is virtually painless and you can actually enjoy the waxing experience.


Antibacterial properties help
100% beeswax remains biologically active and has antibacterial properties, which not only help you get radiant looking soft skin, it is provided with Vitamin A and retains moisture too. There are several benefits of these properties including elimination of skin irritation, clogged pores and acne that can be caused by other waxes. It also has healing, antiseptic and emollient properties that can leave your skin glowing.



What do I get?
Get the Wonder Wax Hair Removal System for just $14.99 + $15.98 S/h. Official website GetWonderWax.com


Wonder Wax Video

Wonder Wax by f100000849292314

40 thoughts on “Wonder Wax Review | PAINFUL to use!!!

  1. Everyone ,don’t buy wonder wax. It ruined my life. I put in in the microwave ,when I took out,the top part didn’t melt ,I just touched a little ,and it exploded on me like lava.had to go to the hospital to get it removed.when the doctor was peeling it ,my skin was removing as well. So now I have second degree burn ,and it was very painful.i wish I can sue them,but I can’t find a contact information

  2. I just ended up throwing two bath towels and one washcloth away as a result of using Wonder wax. This product reminded me of the glue sticks I have in my drawer, only stickier. You can not peel this stuff off. You can’t get it off with hot water. You have to scratch it off with your fingernails. There’s no way you can just rub it between your fingers, make a wad, and expect to throw it away. You just keep passing the wax along to whatever surface you touch. The only way to get it off is with oils and a good scrubbing. This is not fun especially when you did a bikini wax!! The wax is horrible. It does not set up, and does not peel.

  3. I am trying to reach someone as I made a mistake understanding my options “payments” I’ve tried to call but no answer or a way to make contact before you take the money out of my account/right now it’s on hold due to post 2/2/16 Conf.# 1021320 PLEASE STOP THIS ACTION A.S.A.P. as I am on Disability and can’t afford this full payment @ this time!!! Respectively; Mr.R.C.Marshall ATT: checking account ending @1052 Thank You!!

  4. Well that was quite the experience, after I read the package completely ,then read over the “apply” part again just to guarantee I would use it correctly. Now I can truly say this product is the MOST misleading product I have ever spent my money on. If I could get my hands on the guy that says it works I would surely feel the need to show him first hand. Piece of crap, I just spent 30 painful minutes trying to get some I applied to my face off. I hope someone sues his ass. Please DO NOT waste your money on this crap, don’t even use if you get it for free.

  5. I so very sorry I didn’t read reviews before trying wonder wax I didn’t think it would be completely pain free but it hurts bad and now wax is still stuck to me I keep rubbing coconut oil on the area it had help remove so of the stuck on wax but not all so I will either go to sleep with wax that could stick to things over night or go to bed feeling like a greased pig. Please do not buy if you already did buy it Pretty Please don’t use

    • I made the mistake of believing the hype that it was such a gr8 product. I so wish I’d looked @ reviews 1st. I have a burn on my upper lip, that I placed photos on Facebook of. The wax claims to “Stick to Hair! Not to Skin,” that’s bull. It’s painful as can be, I spent nearly 20 mins trying to get the wax off, and once I did it left an oozing spot that l8r scabbed up. Now my face looks so nasty on right side of my upper lip. Ladies (and or Guys) PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS SO CALLED “WONDER WAX,” it’ll be the worst thing your body & wallet expend.


  7. HORRIBLE product! DO NOT USE! I made a mistake of using it, it looked wonderful and so easy! The wax is so messy and gets everywhere and it doesn’t even remove all the hair! Wax sticks to the hair and its so hard to get it off! I just tried using it and i the wax got onto my fingers and WILL NOT come off..

  8. This was the biggest waste of money and time of my life.I followed the directions exactly this shit didnt pull out a single hair you think that would be the worst part seeings how u bought it to remove hair but nope the worst part was the fact that it sticks to ur body and fingers in the worst way.You can try everything in ur power to get this off but it does not come off so u have to deal with everything you touch sticking all over you for a few days. I do not advise using EVER!!!!

  9. cant get the wax off so im going to bed with wax bits stuck all over my legs and my legs aren’t even fully waxed! there are still patches everywhere. this crap is all over my bathroom and I wont even get into details about how my bikini area is doing right now! plus this stuff managed to get all over my fingers and melt off my nail polish! with the time and effort I put into trying this crap I would have rather sat in my bathroom tweezing my damn legs!

  10. Painless no, removing hair by PULLING it out will never be painless, you’re an idiot if you think it will be painless. But I had to use this product twice to get it down. Do not heat it to a liquid state. It does take awhile to melt. When applying you want a thick layer not a thin layer. When you pull it off pull slowly. It took me a minute to get use to this, I use to work in a salon that did waxing and this is not the same as traditional waxing.

  11. this is a horrible product! DON’T BUY THIS WONDER WAX HAIR REMOVAL PRODUCT, IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY! it does not work and it is not painless. Of course! it sticks to EVERYTHING!!!! I absolutely hate this product in every way! it is cheap wax too! it pulls out nothing and when it does it only pulls out very little. If I could rate Wonder Wax 1-5 stars I would give it one star (or less).

  12. This product sucks ass, plain and simple. Painless? LIES! Removes hair 1/8 inch long? LIES I tell you! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! It doesn’t work unless you let your hair grow out for two months in between waxings, and who does that? I mean, I could look past the pain if it actually removed the hair. It states that you should at least have a weeks worth of growth and that’s perfectly understandable, there has to be something sticking out for the wax to grab hold of. The amount of pain I experienced tells me it definitely grabbed hold of my hair, so it apparently doesn’t even work like regular wax, which is bullshit! I would only recommend this product as a highly cruel practical joke.

  13. I purchased Wonder Wax, it was the biggest waist of my time and money. It cooled down quickly, it became stringy on the cup and applicator. It took a long time to remove the wax off my finger tips. I would rather walk around with hairy legs than try that mess of Schmidt again.

  14. I screwed up and bought Wonder Wax at my local Wal-Mart..never again! It took 10 minutes to half ads melt in the microwave, then by the time it cooled enough to use, it was too thick. When I tried to apply it, it stuck to my fingers and it took forever to get off of my skin and the bathroom counter (I still have some on my skin after a heap of scrubbing and cussing). I will NEVER buy this product again!

  15. Absolutely horrible. Totally a waste of my time. Took up my whole entire evening. Wonder Wax doesn’t work. If you see this box run from it. Warm-up time was incorrect and it stuck to my skin. Thankfully I had body oil available. I had to scrub myself almost raw. If there ever is a class action lawsuit for this item, I will be first in line. I wish we could get negative stars.

  16. The worst product, I left it on way long enough for it to cool and come off like it should and it has left my skin red, mostly from having to keep scraping it off and it even stuck to my fingers like super glue..


  17. Easy, Yes! Mess free, Yes! Painless, NO! Everyone has a different pain tolerance I guess but you still feel the hair being ripped out of your skin, but the Wonder Wax definitely worked for me!

  18. I bought Wonder Wax from Walmart and there is no way that I will ever use it again. Wonder Wax hair removal wax is hard to get off and real sticky, my legs has red patches and real painful.

  19. Omg the Wonder Wax hair removal is worst product ever. It hurts, it takes forever to remove little pieces left over on the skin and skin is left red. It don’t even remove facial hair on a woman. I would not recommend this to anyone.


      • I agree with Rita. I also used it on my face and I must say that Wonder Wax did not remove any hair but it did remove my skin!!!! I also have a big raw skinless sore on my face from this product as well. Do NOT buy this hair removal product!

  20. This Wonder Wax hair removal is a complete SCAM, PAINLESS?? they don’t know what painless mean… it hurts a lot… no way…. I have never written a review on a product before…. I was so upset at this one… Incredible…. false advertising….. DO NOT BUY IT! period.

  21. Wonder Wax does not work

    I bought this Wonder Wax Hair Removal at a local pharmacy because it looked interesting and I had let my leg hair grow out a bit during a hospital visit. Not only did it not pull out 90% of the hair but it hurt terribly and it took over an hour to get all of the little pieces off. I had to eventually cover my legs on baby oil and have my husband scrape off the remaining bits with a butter knife to get my legs clear of it. A complete waste of time.

  22. Painless and less pain are two different things. The box says painless the website says less pain well neither is true and it didn’t remove the hair.

  23. I ordered a shipment on Oct 20, 2014. I got an email with my tracking number so I could find my shipment dates. I have checked their so called customer status and FedEx notifications and it continued to say n/a on estimated time of arrival. I tried calling customer service and all they could say is what do you want me to do. That first woman in customer service was not polite or helpful. To make matters worse I asked for a manager to try and settle the matter or reordering or canceling my package that never left their warehouse. The manager Amy was just as bad. The item is now on back order along with the first customer services agents, “you live in Hawaii.” excuses. What I think is, “Really.” The problem with my order is me living in Hawaii and not you not sending out of your warehouse.

  24. SOUNDED wonderful. I ordered one, but the order never arrived. I was able to try some from a friend whom I suppose got some early on in the introduction. Wonder wax did NOT pull out anything! The hairs simply slid right out of it and remained intact when the product was peeled off. Perhaps if you apply it to 6inch long hair+ on your head, maybe it will stick to it. A misleading product.. Another invention for someone to get rich on just by everyone trying it once and then never again.. until everyone catches on.. like most “as advertised on tv” products. Save your money.

  25. So I ordered wonder wax, even besides the terrible reviews… Within two months my order has still not come in. I called customer service and they told me that they were out of supply’s and my order wouldn’t be arriving till the third of October…. Today is now the 6th and my order has still not come in… I called customer service today and they told me I would not receiving my order till the first of December… Sorry for my language, but I’m fed up an this is fucking ridiculous! I’ve canceled my order because I’m not paying for somthing that will never show up….. Wonder wax is a scam and can suck it!

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