WetTech Shaver by Remington

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If you want to complete your daily chores with comfort and convenience, grooming yourself to look at your personal best, Remington’s new WetTech Shaver is a modern and smart way for a clean and comfortable shave. Considering the amount of time the traditional razors take, WetTech Shaver by Remington gives you the best results and makes shaving really simple, quicker and better.

Featuring the flexing Dual track PrecisionPlus shaving heads, the WetTech shaver smoothly cuts long hair and stubble, giving you an ultra close and comfortable shave every time. This shaver’s tried and tested water proof feature and well-crafted design offer you the convenience to shave with a gel/foam in the shower.

If you looking to groom yourself and have less time on your hand you can also shave dry over the sink. The non-slip rubber grip adds comfort in use and dry or wet conditions. Also, the Dual Track Precision Plus Heads are blades made of stainless steel that ensure the quality and ease you feel in your shave, and provides you with a clean and comfortable shave.

The unique cordless technology of WetTech Shaver ensures you are not stuck with wires interfering with your grooming. The shaver ensures a high power performance as it runs on a lithium battery. It is a pro at delivering 60 minutes of cordless comfortable shaving experience and at offering you a quick 5 minute charge for that one time use.

Adding to the comfort and reliability there is the utility that WetTech Shaver provides with the charge stand and waterproof mirror. Also, its LED battery charge indicator is a great asset so that you charge the batteries just right for its durability. Make sure you own the smart, comfortable and great utility shaver that gives you maximum skin comfort and great output.

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