Velform Eternalisse Review

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Do you want to get rid of unwanted hair painlessly and permanently? Have you tried other hair removal solutions but nothing gives you long lasting results? Now there is a new and easy way to remove hair without any pain in the comfort of your own home. With the Velform Eternalisse you don’t have to shave or wax anymore. It is the fastest and easiest way to permanently remove hair in just seconds.


Velform Eternalisse
You can now say goodbye to hair removal worries because hair removal with Velform Eternalisse lasts you forever. You can use it to remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body.

Velform Eternalisse uses pulsed light technology combined with advanced wide coverage depilator that can remove multiple hairs from the root giving you speedy hair removal. Hair removal with Velform Eternalisse will initially last for weeks, then months, and eventually you will never have to worry about your hair growing again.

Today, a number of professional beauty salons are using pulsed light technology to remove hair because it is the safest hair removal solution without any pain.

The pulse light in Velform Eternalisse has a wavelength of 66o nanometers. This is the perfect and safest frequency to penetrate skin without causing any damage to it. The pulse light targets the hair at the root making the bulb and the follicle weak. This allows the depilator to remove the hair with ease ensuring hair grows back slower and thinner.

The pulse light covers a large skin area so it’s much easier and faster to use. Unlike ordinary lasers that can work only on individual hairs every 4 seconds and can be done only by thorough professionals, the Velform Eternalisse can treat more than 40 hairs in that same amount of time and anyone can do it. This makes it 10x faster than laser.

Repeated use of Velform Eternalisse will cause the hair growth to decrease considerably and then with further use your hair will finally stop growing.
The Velform Eternalisse system is clinically proven to reduce hair density by an average of 58% using it just 4 times.

So from now on you don’t have to spend tons of money on waxes, shaving creams, razors and blades, and salon treatments.

When you order the Velform Eternalisse you will also get the Skin Smoothing Gel to keep your skin looking healthy and soft and a Travel Bag that you can use to store and carry your Velform Eternalisse system.

If you are one of the first 100 callers you will also receive a full kit of 6 self-tanning wipes. Simply rub it over your body and you will get the perfect tan to show off your gorgeous hair free legs and arms.

Is it really Painless?

According to the reviews the Eternalisse ad is misleading, in the TV ad they claim it to be painless but in fact IT IS. Eternalisse is an epilator and it is as painful as any normal epilator. The pulse light does not make it any less painful.




What do I get?
Velform Eternalisse System
Skin Smoothing Gel
Travel Bag
Full Kit of 6 Self-Tanning Wipes


Velform Eternalisse Video


10 thoughts on “Velform Eternalisse Review

  1. I have bought this Velform Eternalisse in Denmark. I have used it now for about 2-3 month. It doesn’t work. Not on me anyway. It doesn’t pull out the hair it just cut it so that you have 2-3 mm long hair instead of no hair. It is very painful but that i can live with if it worked like it should. I don’t think my hair is growing slower at all and you have to shave after to get a smooth result. They have sent me 3 different machines but none of them work. Now they say it is because my hair is to light… What???

    So all in all i can’t recommend this product to anyone. I will report as a fake product. So no stars 🙁 had really hoped that it would work).

  2. The same light is used on a product against your baldness …. I do not understand how this is possible.

  3. I was looking to purchase the new Velform Eternalisse and was unsure whether the product was worth a buy. I quickly came on the internet to search about some reviews about the product by people who must have used it before. My search of “Velform Eternalisse Reviews” almost turned hopeless before I found your website. People should be warned against websites that I previously checked from the top results of search engine. These sites carried well written reviews that showered heaps of praises over the product and its working. I sniffed a scam since after each paragraph of the review there was a Buy Now button tempting me to purchase the product online. No genuine review website would provide pop ups and links from a manufacturer. Thanks to this website I finally found for what I was looking for, a real and honest review.

    • It is quite unfortunate that a small loophole in a search engine’s searching criteria is taken advantage a lot to the extremes of duping people into buying bad products. Search engines are not inept in deducing how genuine or fake a website is before it gives out the result. Manufacturers exploit this inability to their best by setting up such several fake review websites with links to purchase and annoying pop ups which do not allow users to exit the website easily. The reviews on this website are kept genuine and are totally real.

      • This site is totally fake. Just like the others. It is funny that you only choose to comment on the people that tell you how they can’t find anything else worth reading. When your review is just as much bullshit as all the other pages you find. These two comments are so obviously fake… Comeon

  4. This seemed like a cool product when I heard about is for the first time. However something about it just didn’t sit right when I started doing my research about it. Importantly when I started looking for reviews about Velform Eternalisse I just couldn’t seem to find them. It started creating doubts in my mind, which have sort of been cleared after reading the genuine review about the product on your site. So far I had only come across review sites that were far from genuine. I want to know if anyone else has had this experience and if anything is being done about it? Surely there must be a forum that can expose these manufacturers who try to trick users like me. I am extremely disappointed in the way things are being conducted online as far as selling of products and reviews are concerned today.

    • Your angst and disappointment is actually shared by many users today. It’s a problem that has been compounded by the lack of disciplinary action taken by search engines on these sites. You’d imagine manufacturers who promote these sites and affiliate marketers who put them up would be suitably chastised. But that’s not happening at all, which is a big letdown for users like you. It means more sites like these are coming up on the Net every single day and they are trying to trick users like you. This nuisance has to end.

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