Tweeze Ultra by Emjoi

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What is Tweeze Ultra by Emjoi

Has removing body hair always been a painful procedure? Have you torn your skin while waxing, cut yourself while shaving or maybe got a skin allergy with hair removal creams or spent an excessive amount of money on laser treatments. Now all that is unnecessary. Introducing the Tweeze Ultra by Emjoi; it’s a unique ground breaking hair remover. It’s not only pain free but it also stops the hair growth for up to 6 weeks. It removes the unwanted hair with just one pass too.


How does Tweeze Ultra by Emjoi work?

On our body or the face, the hair grows in all different directions, making it extremely difficult to remove. However the Tweeze Ultra has a patented comfort glide technology which straightens out the hair making it easy for hair removal very quickly and easily.

The other hair removal procedures may not remove hair completely from the root. But the Tweeze Ultra’s advanced rotating head spins 33 pairs of dual precision disc which open and close 1000 times per second, which removes even the shortest hair from the root. It also has a 2-Speed control switch with safety lock button.

Your body stays smooth, with no stubble. It does not have blades or sharp edges. It has a speed control. So it’s very safe for most sensitive skin too. It needs no batteries .It comes with its own ac adapter, hence it’s completely portable. You can use it anywhere and anytime. That’s not all; you will also receive a Tweeze Ultra microdermabrasion head with a gentle massaging motion, which removes dead skin cells. Now you can shows off your fresh new skin, which looks, younger, healthier and silky smooth.

Where to buy Tweeze Ultra

Order Tweeze Ultra now for just 4 easy payments of $19.99 plus S&H and with it you also get the Micro-Dermabrasion attachment, Cellulite cream, and Tweeze and Vanish cream. Official website

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