Tweeze Review

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What is Tweeze

It claims to be an innovative automated tool that can be used to clear unwanted hair from the root for a soft, silky feeling. It can be used practically everywhere on the body which includes the bikini line.


No more painful hair removal

Tweeze states to be the most innovative way that women can employ to get rid of unwanted hair easily. Although at this point of time it is difficult to assess the claims of Tweeze since users still have to review it. Tweeze assures that it is nothing like regular methods of removing hair, which can include harmful way of pulling the hair using a tweezer, shaving it off with razor making the hair grow back thicker, waxing which is painful and other laser based tools that burn the hair. Tweeze promises to be completely safe and at the same time very effective since it is automatic. Can Tweeze really provide such amazing results will be only known once it is reviewed by users.

Innovative technology

Tweeze asserts to consider all the obstacles that one can face while removing hair, including time consumption and also chances of leaving a hair or two behind. Tweeze emphasizes that its innovative technology is designed to provide an amazing result as the hair will be removed completely from the root without hurting the skin. Can Tweeze really provide soft, silky and touchable skin? User reviews will soon reveal the facts. Tweeze declares to have a revolutionary magnet technology that when moved over the skin will automatically find hair and grasp it for total removal from the root. Tweeze alleges to have a design that makes it easy to hold and also quick to use. Plus the automated process ensures that Tweeze does its job at 30 times the speed of any ordinary tweezers. Tweeze surely sounds very fascinating and will be proved once we analyze the user reviews.

Features and benefits

Tweeze claims to have a compact design which makes it completely portable for carrying around in a purse or a bag. Its battery operated feature means it does not need a plug point, enhancing its portability feature. Also Tweeze maintains that the technology used for tweezing is completely safe and is a painless way of removing hair. Currently there are no Tweeze reviews available that will back such claims. Tweeze convinces to be perfect for providing hair removal that will last for weeks as opposed to other methods. Tweeze promises to be great at removing hair painlessly not only on facial features like lips and chin but also is great for arms, legs and even bikini line. Can Tweeze be really as good as it promises? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

You get Two sets of Tweeze for $19.95 plus $15.98 P&H

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