Triple Smooth

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What is Triple Smooth

Hair removing system that uses triple tweeze technology to painlessly remove body hair from the roots anywhere on the body in just seconds. It gives you hair-free and smooth skin every time.


Remove unwanted hair anywhere within seconds

Triple Smooth is a hair removing device that claims to get rid of unwanted body hair painlessly, easily and economically right at home. Facial hair is very unsightly and can really be embarrassing for any woman who has them and can beat one’s self-confidence. There are methods to get rid of body hair like waxing, hair removal creams, shaving, or even laser treatments. However, these methods are usually painful – like shaving can cause nicks and razor burns, waxing can cause burns, chemicals in the creams can cause skin reactions, and laser treatments are expensive. But Triple Smooth claims to be the easiest way to remove hair anywhere within seconds so you do not have to resort to these methods or spend money and time visiting a salon.


Removes fine and rough hair just as easily

Traditional hair removers trim hair only on top and leave stubble, which looks just as ghastly and needs to be trimmed again and again. But, Triple Smooth maintains that it uses triple tweeze technology with its three-coil design that rotate and remove the hair from the roots very gently. It claims to need only one pass and have thrice the power to remove the hair from the body. The coils of Triple Smooth guarantee to be gentle and remove hair safely while its pressure reduces the pain. The hair remover states to be so powerful that it can remove the pilling on a sweater and at the same time so gentle that it won’t burst a balloon. So whether it is small hair on the tips of your toes or coarse hair on your thighs, Triple Smooth promises to remove it all easily, effectively and gently while being safe for sensitive areas like the bikini line.


Safe contouring for any angle and hard to reach areas

Unlike razor blades that cause nicks and cuts while shaving on areas like ankles and knees, Triple Smooth promises to contour around all the awkward angles so that it doesn’t cause any cuts. Whether you have hair on your upper lip that needs to be removed urgently to go for a fun night out or embarrassing bikini line hair before a swim, Triple Smooth maintains to get you get rid of it all including stubborn stubble
that will be gone instantly. Even for the hard to reach areas like the nape, Triple Smooth states to have a long handle to make hair removal comfortable and easy.


What Do I Get?

  • You get 2 Triple Smooth Hair Remover with 2 Slow Grow Moisturizing Cream for $10.00 plus $13.98 S&H.
  • Official website:
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