TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser

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What is TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser?

It claims to be an anti-aging skin treatment device that helps in restoring the facial luminosity and restore youthfulness. With regular use it assures to start providing radiant and refreshed skin in as little as 2 weeks.


Look young again

TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser claims that it is a device with professional laser technology that helps in eliminating the signs of aging without the need to go to professional dermatologists. TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser states to be a smart way to refresh the facial skin and restore the natural luminosity for a youthful look. TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser assures to provide fantastic results in just 2 weeks if used regularly as directed. Does TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser really work this well and deliver vibrant skin? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Innovative technology
TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser asserts that its laser technology promotes natural collagen renewal at greater efficiency. TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser convinces that its laser beam works below the skin’s surface to accelerate collagen and elastin production. Such rapid, dramatic renewal targets to negate the key signs of aging such as fine lines and hard-to-remove wrinkles. Such farfetched claims by TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser will be verified once users review it. TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser guarantees that its few minutes per day use can provide clarity of skin, smoothness and radiance. TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser promises to be safe for the skin and easy to use. Currently there are no TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.

TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser Q and A

Question: Can TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser be used to treat dark circles?
Answer: No, it is not meant for use directly under the eye and can cause blindness.

Question: How does it reduce the size of pores?
Answer: TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser penetrates the skin and works under it to accelerate and stimulate collagen. The new collage build helps in renewing the skin and smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles while reducing the pore size.

Question: Can TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser be used internationally at 220 Volts?
Answer: No

TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser Review

TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser review says that the information provided by the manufacturer is altered greatly for promotion and advertising. It is different than the information presented in the information booklet. The review says TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser is FDA approved for healing crow’s feet and comes with a list of not to use areas including freckles. TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser has an irreplaceable battery that lasts for only about three years at the most. It turns out pretty costly if one has to buy TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser again after the battery goes bad.

TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser review states that TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser is not recommended for use on freckles, post-puberty acne and highly sun-sensitive skin. It did provide good results on regular skin after three weeks of use. The skin gets cleaner, the tone gets better and the face starts to look fresh. There is a feeling of a fuller face which might be due to the promised collaged build. TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser also worked on crow’s feet a little bit and heals the areas close to the eyes where Botox cannot reach.

TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser review asserts that even though TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser works very nicely on the skin it takes a lot of time and the treatment cycle is quite long. During the whole period of treatment the face doesn’t really look good since the transformation is taking place. TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser may make the skin look sunburnt for many nights before it starts to produce its actual results. This may leave the face unattractive during the treatment period. TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser also fails in terms of battery. It only lasts for about 10 minute per session after fully charging it. For a price that TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser comes for, it should have a better battery technology that lasts for at least three treatments.

TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser review complains that TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser doesn’t work at all. As per the review, TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser fails to provide any result after use for almost eight weeks. The levels provided for use are not power levels but only longer sessions. It leaves the face with redness and soreness each night after use. TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser leaves the face dry and rough the next day. Using it is also a chore since the skin is to be pulled and stretched for achieving even redness else the face will look full of blotches. TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser is as useless as other anti-aging lasers available for use at home or at the dermatologist. In short, there is not much the laser technology can do to help older skin feel younger again.

TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser review reveals that TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser can be a little irritating for the skin and rough due to the use of laser. The review suggests having the skin exfoliated for up to a week before beginning the TRIA SmoothBeauty Laser process. Also it’s recommended not to perform the process and exfoliate on the same days as it can leave the skin more irritated.



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