Tria Laser Precision

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What is Tria Laser Precision – It is an affordable, slim and patented hair removal device designed for smaller sensitive body areas like bikini line, chin and underarms. It has more power than other home laser devices and gets rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Removes hair from small and sensitive areas permanently

Tria Laser Precision claims to be the most innovative device in hair removal treatment and is said to have a slim and ergonomic design to cater to your sensitive and small body parts like the bikini line, upper lip, chin, and underarms. It is said to have lightweight flexibility that successfully removes unwanted hair from these small parts permanently so that you do not have to worry about going out with unsightly and embarrassing unwanted hair when you cannot afford the time to shave or go to a salon. You will also apparently get smooth and silky skin after using it every fortnight for three months. If clinical studies are to be believed then after using Tria Laser Precision for the first three weeks 70 % hair will be reduced. Then after about two months the hair will appear thinner and finer. Finally, after three months the disabled hair follicles stop growing hair and you can use Tria Laser Precision for just touch ups.

Gets rid of unwanted hair from their roots

All the hair removal methods whether waxing or using a razor keep bringing the unwanted hair back very frequently. But Tria Laser Precision promises that is one hair removal device that can remove hair right from the roots so that they don’t grow back. Tria Laser Precision features diode lasers that claim to target the melanin right at the roots and stop the hair follicle and does that without harming the surrounding skin. The disabled hair then believably falls out and leaves the skin smooth and soft. Finally, Tria Laser Precision promises to stops the hair follicle’s growth thus getting rid of unwanted hair forever.

Lightweight and ideal for curves and angles

Tria Laser Precision is supposedly very lightweight weighing just 7 oz and can easily be carried around on travels, to work or even a gym and lets you get rid unwanted hair even during emergencies when you cannot afford the time to go to a salon. Unlike many hair removal epilators, the ultra-slim, small and flexible design of Tria Laser Precision supposedly lends ease to use when it comes to treating curves and angles even in hard-to-reach areas. It has a 15-minute battery life so it can be ideally used for small area treatments.

Cost effective and easy to use

A visit to a professional dermatologist or salon for a laser hair removal treatment costs thousands of dollars but Tria Laser Precision claims that it will help you save all that money and give you a better treatment at just a fraction of the cost and give you a salon-like quality of hair removal in the comfort and privacy of your home. Using Tria Laser Precision is believed to be easy and takes just three steps to achieve the results. Step 1 needs you to prep your skin by cleansing, shaving and towel drying t get the best out of the treatment. You can then select from the three treatment levels and start low and work up to a higher level. In step 3 you need to hold the Tria Laser Precision against the area you want to treat till the device beeps. Thereafter lift and place the device in a new treatment area. The sensors in the device will identify that it has been placed against the skin and the light will flash right into the melanin and follicle. Tria Laser Precision believably takes just about 15 minutes to remove hair from both the underarms.

Combines cutting edge technology and great design

Tria Laser Precision is supposed to be established by the same scientists who created the first lasers for professionals and apparently combines the latest technology, sophisticated engineering with elegant design. The engineering is meant to make sure that even though the melanin and follicle absorbs the light and energy of the laser it does not harm the skin in any way. Tria Laser Precision promises to be so effective that after using it for a couple of months you will get lifelong results. Tria Laser Precision promises to use same energy levels as professional grade laser devices but it does not cause the same discomfort that laser treatments at professional clinics cause. Compared to other home hair removal laser devices Tria Laser Precision is meant to have three times the power and is slicker than most devices.

Works on many skin tones

No matter what skin tone you have, Tria Laser Precision claims that it will work well on it whether the skin tone is ivory, white, beige, light brown, medium brown or dark brown or black. You can believably also select the natural color of the hair on the body part you wish to treat from blonde, white, grey, red, light brown, medium brown, dark brown or black. The skin color sensor ensures that the user’s skin tone is light enough for safe use of Tria Laser Precision with no harm.

FDA cleared and recommended by dermatologists

Tria Laser Precision claims to be recommended by dermatologists for safe and effective laser hair removal right at home. It has also been cleared by the FDA for permanent results. Unlike other laser devices used at home Tria actually uses lasers while others use flash lamp that is not effective at removing hair at home. It is considered so high quality that they are apparently sold by professional clinics too and can apparently be used as a stand-alone device right at home or even complement the treatments being given by dermatologists or doctor’s office. Tria Laser Precision is believably known to give consistent results unlike other home laser devices that give only minor results that are long term but not permanent.


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