TRIA Beauty Laser Hair Removal System

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TRIA Laser is the first and only FDA approved hair removal laser for users at home that provides safe, effective, and permanent results from TRIA Beauty. Women around the world are experiencing a new sense of freedom – freedom from the endless chore of shaving and the pain and cost of waxing, freedom to be hair free and carefree forever.


How does TRIA Laser Hair Removal System work?
Imagine waking up to silky smooth skin everyday and wearing what you want whenever you want without thinking for a moment about when you last shaved. Now you can get rid of hair forever with the TRIA Laser. Real laser. Permanent results.

Get permanent results and be free of unwanted hair for good. Even six years after the last treatment, you will notice that the hair is completely gone! It leaves your skin looking and feeling like the hair was just never there. Only TRIA uses the same laser technology as dermatologists with the same permanent results. Just like professional hair removal, the hair is gone and will never grow back.

With over 100,000 TRIA Lasers sold worldwide, the success of this breakthrough product makes it possible for you to get it today. TRIA Laser is clinically proven and FDA cleared, safe and effective. Use the TRIA Laser in the comfort and privacy of your own home anytime, anywhere. Just turn it on. Select from 5 comfort settings and touch it to your skin. It’s that easy. You can treat your underarms or bikini area in 5-10 minutes. Legs can take 20-30 minutes. You can do it while you’re watching TV. Use the TRIA Laser twice a month and you’ll see permanent results in less than 90 days, guaranteed. In as little as six months, you’ll be done. The hair will be gone forever.

Don’t waste your time or another dime on any other hair removal method. The average woman shaves over 7,000 times in her lifetime. With the TRIA Laser, once you’re done, you’ll never have to shave again. Spend a fraction of the cost of waxing, and never have to do it again. Other professional hair removal costs almost $2,000 for a small area, while TRIA Laser gives you the same results for your entire body without the appointments and for a lot less money.

TRIA Hair Removal Laser FAQs

Tell us more about TRIA Hair Removal Laser?
TRIA Hair Removal Laser helps you get rid of unwanted hair without having to step out of your home. It’s also the only FDA-cleared Laser system and works on the same technology that is employed by dermatologists in their offices.

How do the results from TRIA Hair Removal Laser match up to professional methods?
Hair removal industry was revolutionized when TRIA beauty scientists invented the in-office hair removal laser; LightSheer. The same technology is effectively used in TRIA Hair Removal Laser to offer you permanent results at home, thus making it an extremely convenient hair removal method for you.

How does this system work?
Selective Photothermolysis is at the heart of the TRIA Hair Removal Laser system and is responsible for hair removal. In this process, the black and brown melanin in your hair absorbs the laser light. The resultant heat ensures that follicles that absorb the light get disabled and don’t produce new hair in the future.

Can you use TRIA Hair Removal Laser on neck, back and head?
Unfortunately not; it has been designed to be used under your neck, in areas like your underarms, bikini line, legs, back, chest, hands, feet and stomach for example. In the US, the TRIA Hair Removal Laser system has not been cleared to be used on neck, head or face.

Does TRIA Hair Removal Laser system work as it claims to?
Most definitely. For starters, it’s been created by the same scientists who were responsible for making in-house hair removal gold standard procedure. TRIA Hair Removal Laser delivers same results at home for a fraction of the price. In around six months, you can say goodbye to waxing, razors, burns due to razors, in-grown hair for good.

How long does TRIA Hair Removal Laser take to start showing results?
While you might not see instant results and any significant changes in the hair or the way your skin looks after first use, you will see that the hair growth becomes lighter in about 2-3 months of use. Moreover there will be a significant reduction in re-growth of hair, particularly in those areas where the growth is often dense. And after around 6 months, the follicles that have been disabled by the treatment will stop growing hair completely.

Is there any way to speed up the results?
You can treat your hair twice every week for at least 6 months to ensure that the hair stops growing back, and you see permanent results. From around the third month, you will start seeing results, which will improve with time till hair stops growing completely.

Can men use the TRIA Hair Removal Laser system?
Of course they can. In fact many of the users are men who want to have hair-free skin forever.

Is the treatment painful?
The sensation one experiences depends on every individual and also the area where treatment has been done. It might be a warm, prickly sensation for some while others might experience a completely different sensation. For best results you are advised to slowly increase the level till you reach the setting, which is tolerable for you.

Do we get a warranty with TRIA Hair Removal Laser system?
Yes of course. You get a 1 year limited warranty with every TRIA Hair Removal Laser system.

Does the skin have to be prepared before the treatment?
Yes, you need to cleanse, shave and dry your skin with a towel before the treatment. There shouldn’t be any lotions or powders on your skin. To minimize the discomfort you feel, shave closer with a fresh razor in the direction of hair growth.

Is the TRIA Hair Removal Laser system safe for use?
If you follow the instructions provided, TRIA Hair Removal Laser is extremely safe for use and very effective as well.

How can I tell if this system is the right one for me?
This system is designed to show fantastic results on fair to medium skin tones and medium to dark hair. However you will not see results on gray, blond or red hair. The system has a built-in skin sensor, which will tell you if the system is right for your skin tone. The device will unlock in case the system is compatible with your skin tone, which also works as an additional safety measure. You can also look at the skin tone chart to know more.

Why can’t TRIA Hair Removal Laser be used on black or dark skin?
That’s because the system has been specially designed to work on fair to medium skin tones and hair that is medium to dark. It doesn’t work on gray, red or blond hair. Moreover the system will only unlock if it’s compatible with your skin tone.

Does the TRIA Hair Removal Laser work on black hair that’s turned gray?
Unfortunately not, it’s because the system has been designed so that the dark pigments in your hair can absorb the laser light. Hair that has turned gray or is naturally gray, blond or red will not be able to absorb laser energy, which is instrumental in hair removal.

Can TRIA Hair Removal Laser be used by women who are pregnant or nursing?
TRIA Hair Removal Laser system has not been tested for use on pregnant or nursing women. Hence women who are pregnant or breast feeding are not advised to use this product. Moreover during these times there are certain hormonal changes that are seen in women, which could lead to increased sensitivity and skin irritation. It’s a good idea to consult your doctor for any further details.

Does the TRIA Hair Removal Laser show any side effects related to the procedure?
Redness after treatment is the most common and temporarily observed side effect of the treatment.

Where can I buy TRIA Hair Removal Laser?
You can buy TRIA Hair Removal Laser at, Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, Bloomingdales, Bliss Spa 49 in New York City, QVC and and You can also find out about other stores that stock the product through the store locator on

Is the professional laser hair removal popular?
American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says that laser hair removal is the top nonsurgical procedure for women who are under the age of 34 and it’s also the third most popular nonsurgical procedure for women over the age of 35.

What are the costs involved in professional laser hair removal and how much does the TRIA system cost?
According to National averages, laser hair removal costs for a full range of treatment could be anywhere from $10,000 to $12,000, for hair removal on legs, bikini lines and underarms. The TRIA Hair Removal Laser on the other hand costs $395.

How does TRIA Hair Removal Laser system match up to other light based hair removal systems you can get today?
Lasers are the only method you can rely on for permanent hair reduction. Intense Pulsed Light Devices and other Flashlamp devices are not lasers and don’t show results similar to lasers either. Moreover they require constant follow-up to be able to maintain results.

What is the TRIA Hair Removal Laser system powered by?
The TRIA Hair Removal Laser system has a rechargeable battery pack that is built inside the device. Before every use, you will need to recharge the device.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • TRIA Laser Hair Removal System
  • Skin Sensor
  • Battery Charger
  • TRIA Exfoliating Body Wash
  • Instructions Booklet
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • 1-year limited warranty


TRIA Laser Hair Removal System Video


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    This is my current, real, live, honest review of Tria. please check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

  2. I was very disappointed that as a dark skinned black woman with black hair I was told because i was a black woman Tria would not work for me due to the laser not being able to find my follicles. WTH is that about.

  3. I purchased this TRIA Beauty Laser Hair Removal System on QVC and really wanted it to work. I followed the directions, and used it for months, and it did nothing. (I have light skin, so that is not the problem….) Then I read it only works on DARK hair. Well, my hair is medium brown to blonde, and going gray in places, and I found NO CHANGE. I used it in the same areas every two weeks as stated, after washing and shaving the area, as directed, and NO CHANGE. It lit up, it BUZZED it felt heated, it seems to be doing what it says it does, but the HAIR is unchanged…. I read about a NEW IMPROVED version. I wonder is that actually IMPROVED or just the same machine with a few new accessories. SO, TELL ME MORE. I was going to buy another one, in a newer form, if it would actually work, but if it won’t work for me, it is a waste of time. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

  4. How do you get a trial version or free Tria Hair Removal System? Is there a way to try it before you purchase it?

  5. Promotions and advertisements for ‘TRIA Beauty Laser Hair Removal System’ seemed to be very tempting and appealing. But everyone knows that all that they show and promote is not true. So I decided to read reviews on it online. I assumed that the websites will reveal the pros and cons of the product. I wished to read whether this hair removal system has any side effects or how much time does the entire process take etc. But such type of analysis was not to be found anywhere. Some of the websites had a direct link to the online transaction website to buy the product. And the other few had one liner which is not an actual review.

    I decided to take a break from this research, and after several days I regained my energy today. After many initial disappointments, I found this website and finally got a brief idea about the product. I would like to thank everyone who mentioned their genuine experiences, including its drawbacks here. Finally something helped me.

    • Thank you for your acknowledgement. Pleased to know that your search was fruitful at the end. Nowadays, promoters adopt SEO mechanisms to increase the publicity of their products by posting fake product review pages with heavy use of keywords. Unluckily the search engine is not yet optimized to an extent that it can differentiate between genuine and false information. So till then, I hope you keep getting legitimate reviews on this site.

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