QStick Hair Remover Review

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Facial hair removal is such an important part of hygiene and beauty regimen. But then methods like threading, waxing, hair removal cream, shaving, etc are painful but also cause burns and injuries and leave redness and bumps behind especially if your skin is sensitive. And who likes frequenting the salon and wasting time and money? Hair removing creams have chemicals in them so they are not such a good idea either. But now you can get the QStick, the revolutionary product that gives you facial hair removal on the go.

QStick Hair Remover

The QStick measures just a few inches and is so easy to use. All you need to do is bend the QStick by its handles in downward position, roll it in back and forth motion over the spot where you want your hair removed and you will have got rid of the hair from the roots. The QStick will leave absolutely no trace behind like redness or bumps. Use it on your cheeks, upper lips, chin or forehead.

The QStick is better than tweezing because you do not have to pull hair out like in tweezing and it removes more hair and much faster than a tweezer. You will be able to see the white roots of each hair follicle. And even when the hair does grow back it will be finer and less noticeable than before.

Most hair removing methods leave behind finer hair but not the QStick, which removes all the hair completely. Even though it pulls the hair out with its root you won’t feel the pain but just a tingle on that spot. The QStick is so small that you can easily carry it around in your purse or on travels and use it whenever and wherever.

No matter what your skin type you can safely use the QStick since it is hypo-allergenic so it won’t give you rashes or skin reaction even if your skin is very sensitive. The reusable nature of the QStick also makes it environmental friendly also because it needs no electricity to operate like the waxing bowl or an epilator does.

QStick Hair Remover FAQs

How is QStick used?
QStick can be bent downwards and then placed against your face. You can then hold it by the handles and roll inwards and outwards in a continuous motion. It can remove several strands of hair at one go.

Can QStick be used on all hair on skin?
With QStick you will get best results when removing facial hair and around neck and lips. It’s not meant for eyebrow threading.

Can you use it regularly?
Yes, QStick can be used for short period every 1-4 weeks but it depends from person to person.

How is the skin affected?
Layers of skin remain unaffected because hair is removed from the root. Waxing and other hair removal methods remove upper layers of skin thus causing irritation but QStick leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

How should QStick be maintained and cleaned?
It’s quite easy; you can bend the inverted QStick to shake off trapped hair. It can then be wiped with a cloth or a dry tissue.

Is QStick painful to use?
QStick does not damage your skin like other regular hair removal methods. It is certainly less painful than waxing as it gently pulls out your hair from the root, keeping your skin safe.

Can QStick be used by pregnant women and children?
Since QStick does not contain any chemicals it can be easily used by children of at least 13 years of age and pregnant women. For the first few tries it’s recommended that children should be assisted and shown how to use QStick. But it should not be left alone with children under 10 years of age as it can be used inappropriately.



What do I get?
Get 1 Qstick Hair Remover for just $17.95 + Shipping. Official website OriginalQStick.com


QStick Hair Remover Video


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