Speed Razor REVIEW

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What is Speed Razor?

Speed Razor claims to be a fast and safe head and body shaver that guarantees you a closer shave than any other razor! It promises to completely change your shaving experience. This claim sounds too good to be true and will be confirmed only after the Speed Razor is reviewed.


Speed Razor CLAIMS

Speed Razor states that its secret lies in the 8 opposing blades – 4 on each side. The ergonomic non-slip grip makes it easy to hold so you simply rub the Speed Razor back and forth and it shaves in both directions giving you a closer shave. There are no Speed Razor reviews at this point of time to verify this claim.

Speed Razor emphasizes that it is safer to use than ordinary razors because with Speed Razor you place the blades on your skin once and they stay against your skin the whole time and because of the dual heads the blades stay at the correct angle to prevent nicks. To verify this claim Speed Razor reviews will need to be analyzed.

Speed Razor maintains that it can be used on your arms, legs, chest, armpits add head. This claim of Speed Razor will be attested only once users review Speed Razor.

Colors Available: Speed Razor is available in two colors: red and teal.


What do I get?
2 Speed Razors for $15.00 at the Official website: SpeedRazor.com | Order your Speed Razor today!

Speed Razor REVIEW

Speed Razor is a first of its kind dual sided Razor that you hold in index, middle and ring finger and slide it back and forth to get rid of unwanted hair.

The manufacturer of Razor Blade does accept that this a completely new and different approach to hair removal, we have recently seen some innovative razors like the HeadBlade, Rolling Razor, and few others.

Why Speed Razor? – Interesting question, why would someone come up with an idea of something like the Speed Razor? The answer is – they are trying to sell a fancy looking multipurpose razor that is a cheap alternative to expensive epilators, electric razors and other hair removal techniques but retains the functionality of a regular razor.

Does Speed Razor work? – There are no reviews at the moment that can shed light on whether this fanciful razor actually works but we can definitely comment on the usability issue, the Speed Razor is difficult and awkward to use, we see no reason why you should replace the good old razor with this gimmicky toy.

Do you recommend Speed Razor?
Nope. Stick to your regular Razor.

Where is Speed Razor Manufactured?

Will this cut my skin?
Probably yes, this is not Gillette or any other branded Razor so don’t expect that kind of quality.

Are the blades compatible with Gillette?

How long will the blades last if I use them daily
It depends how much you shave with the Speed Razor, but it should be good for 2 weeks.

Can I use Speed Razor to shave my beard?
Nope, it is just so difficult to use it to shave the beard.

What body parts can it be used on?
Arms, legs, chest, armpits and head.

Do you have something good to say about Speed Razor?
Yes, it might probably work for shaving your head, and your hands. Also it is cheaper priced at $15

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