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Sonicsmooth Official Website:

What is Sonicsmooth?

As per its infomercial, it is an advanced way of using sonic technology combined with the power of blades to remove dead skin cells and unwanted facial hair right at home. Sonicsmooth claims to be a skin-smoothing system that hires Dermaplaning, a treatment where sonic technology is combined with safely-designed blades.


Sonicsmooth CLAIMS

Skin smoothening treatment
It assures to be as good as a professional treatment and effectively removes unwanted facial hair and dead skin cells to provide a healthier complexion. Such claims will be only verified once users review Sonicsmooth.

Optimal Design
Sonicsmooth guarantees to work on all types of skin with its smart design and has 3 adjustable settings that help in changing the speed as per the skin’s sensitivity and amount of treatment it requires. At this point in time, there are no Sonicsmooth reviews available to verify its claims. The system also promises to be completely painless and doesn’t take a long time to work. Hence, one can perform the treatment once a week in mere minutes. Additionally, its rechargeable design with a convenient dock assures that there is no more money wasted on batteries. How well does it work? Send us your reviews if you have tried the device.

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