Slique Threading Hair Removal System Review

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Are you tired of plucking, waxing and using smelly creams? Are you having hair removal problems? If you want to know how models get their silky, smooth, hair-free and sexy look, then look no further, for today’s hottest salon treatment, threading is here for you! Slique is a spa-quality face and body hair threading system that works for you!


How does Slique work?
Now, you can skip expensive salon treatments and give yourself the exclusive star treatment at home. It doesn’t matter how stubborn, coarse or fine the hair, the Slique’s precision method removes it all, easily and quickly. With waxing you remove the top layer of your skin along with your hair, but threading targets only the hair. As Slique’s Epilation thread glides across your skin, a line of hair is captured and gently lifted from the follicle leaving your skin hair free and silky smooth. All you have to do is run it back and forth a few times and they’re gone!

The Slique treatment is affordable and you save money and time too, for you can avoid trips to salons and do it at home. It is convenient and precise. It is portable too, so you can take it when you’re traveling; you can keep one in the handbag; it’s great for someone who is always on the move. The hair free effect is long lasting, which is a real boon for all! Use Slique for instant hair free results, on your upper lip, forehead, chin, sideburns, cheeks, arms and even your fingers and toes.

Since the old times hair threading had been a job of a professional and the person who wants to be hair free would have to lie back in a saloon chair while the hair threading removal procedure was being done.

Many people prefer to feel life hair-free and hence opt for unwanted hair removal through the age-old hair threading method because of the very fact remove of facial and body hair naturally makes the comeback longer for the unwanted hair, and when it does it, the new hair is softer and finer.

Hair threading makes it possible to take out individual strands of unwanted hair and finally now you can do hair threading at home and there is no need for anyone to assist you with the use of the highly revolutionary Slique Face and Body Hair Threading product.

How to remove of facial hair naturally is usually done by means of plucking out the hair with the use of a pair of tweezers. The highly revolutionary Slique Face and Body Hair Threading product makes removal of unwanted hair – especially in the cheeks and chin area – with a swift, highly efficient and easy hair removal procedure.

The hair fuzz that is commonly seen above the upper lip and can create sideburns may be removed with the use of the highly revolutionary Slique Face and Body Hair Threading product.

If you have ever had hair threading done before in a salon, used tweezers to get rid of unwanted hair, use waxing hair removal treatments to become hair free, and have tried other hair removal methods, you will know that it is not possible to remove light hair fuzz in the cheeks, upper lip, lower chin, hair line, chest, back and the many other areas of the body efficiently unless it is done by this kind of hair threader.

Slique Threading Hair Removal System FAQs

What is threading?
It’s a tried and tested method of hair removal where twisted thread loops are used to catch hair and remove it from the follicles. Threading is fast, precise, clean and an extremely effective hair removal technique. Moreover it doesn’t irritate skin like waxing does. It has always been popular as a hair removal technique in Asia and the Middle East and has been passed off as an art form, from one generation to another. But now its popularity has reached America and Europe where threading Salons are mushrooming. An increasing number of women are discovering the benefits of threading and can’t do without it any more. Up until now it’s been a two person process and required skills of this ancient art.

What is Slique?
Slique is a cleverly designed device to ensure that the thread is looped expertly like an aesthetician does, so that you can do the threading job yourself. You simply press Slique handles so that the looped thread moves and the Slique applicator handles open. You can remove one hair at a time with tweezing; however with Slique you can remove entire straight line of hair at a time. Thus you get smooth and hair free skin. Slique works effectively on fine, coarse and hard to see hair as well. Slique was designed to ensure women all over the world could remove unwanted hair by threading without having to go to professional salons. Even a stray hair that pops up from your chin, forehead, cheeks, arms, legs, upper lips, toes and fingers too, can be removed easily.

Can Slique be used anywhere on the body?
Slique is ergonomically designed and shows brilliant results when used to remove facial hair or hair on your toes and fingers. Slique is not recommended for use under the eyebrow or in the bikini area as skin in these areas is delicate.

Can Slique be used on your eyebrows?
Slique can be used to remove hair above your eyebrows and “unibrow” as well. However skin under your eyebrows is sensitive and it can’t be pulled tight either, which is why Slique is not recommended for use in this area. Before using Slique even on the recommended areas around the eyebrows, you are advised to use it on less noticeable areas like fingers and toes to get used to it.

How big is Slique?
Slique threader is around 4.5 inches long.

Is Slique easy to use?
Yes, Slique is very simple to use and instructions are easy to follow. It’s a good idea to use it on a part of your body that’s not easily noticeable; like your toes and fingers for example to get a hang of it. And once you get used to it, you can start threading like a professional.

Does Slique epilation work only on hair that’s over a certain length?
That’s the best thing about threading; as soon as you notice hair over the surface of your skin, the thread will be able to catch it. It’s not like waxing or tweezing for that matter where hair has to be over a certain length. It’s one of the reasons why threading is considered to be one of the best forms of epilation.

How often should one use Slique for epilation?
Frequency of use will vary from one woman to another. However since Slique doesn’t cause any annoyance to your skin, you can use it as soon as you notice stray hair coming out.

Can one buy more than one Slique?
Of course you can buy more than one Slique. We also make sure you know how to make the most of it, which is why we have included an instructional DVD, samples and a booklet with each order to make it a perfect gift.

Do you get Slique with threads?
Yes, Slique comes with 10 additional epilation threads for your benefit.

How long do these threads last?
The longevity of these threads depends on how frequently you use Slique, coarseness of your hair and how the threader is handled. It can easily last multiple epilations. However it’s recommended that you change the thread after each epilation so that you can start every session with a new thread.

How can one get more threads?
You can buy individual thread cassettes that have 5 threads each or sign up to ensure three cassettes (15 threads) are delivered to you every 45 days and you have fresh threads for your Slique every time.

What’s included in the skin care collection?
The skin care collection includes:

  • PURIF’ique – Cleansing milk
  • TON’ique – Hydra Toner
  • GEL’ique – 97% Aloe Vera gel
  • MOIST’ique – Moisturizing face cream

What are ingredients present in these skin care products?
Our skin care products are formulated with 15 minerals and also include trace elements from the Dead Sea, which is why they work for all types of skin.

Slique PURIF’ique Cleansing Milk helps remove makeup and cleanses your skin without the drying effect soaps have. PURIF’ique contains Dead Sea minerals and trace elements besides Avocado, Broccoli, Cucumber, Parsley, Ginko Biloba and other botanical extracts.

Slique TON’ique Hydra Toner has been created so that it can be used before every epilation and can also be used as a gentle skin toner every day.

Slique GEL’ique contains 97% Aloe Vera to soothe your skin after epilation. It can also be used daily on dry or irritated skin.

Slique MOIST’ique is a daily moisturizing cream that can be used in the mornings and evenings. Its ingredients include natural oils that are non greasy; Almond, Avocado and Olive besides Jojoba with botanical extracts. It also contains Dead Sea minerals.

What’s the need for these creams?
It’s vital to clean your skin and purify the desired area before epilation. You also need to soothe your skin after epilation. Slique Skin Care Collection has been specially designed to enhance your threading experience. Everything you need for safe and effective epilation, you will find it in this collection. You can also use these products every day to maintain your skin.

Can Slique be used even without these creams?
Of course it can be. However you will need to clean and purify your skin before use and you can follow the instructions in the booklet or on the DVD.

What’s the address of the company?
The company address is
Innovative Cosmetics, LLC
9595 Wilshire blvd. #900
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

What is your returns policy?
Innovative Cosmetics has always stood behind its products and we are confident that you will love the experience of epilating with Slique and won’t want to go back to any other hair removal method. However for some reason if you are not happy with Slique, you can get a refund (minus shipping and processing fees) by returning it within 30 days.

Slique also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. If your threader breaks or shows any malfunction, you can send it back and a replacement unit will be sent to you.

Does one have to pay sales tax over the product cost?
Yes, in the state of California you have to.

How is Slique shipped?
There are several different shipping methods used for delivery of Slique.

What are the countries that Slique can be shipped to? offers global international shipping. Slique threading and other products that go with it can be shipped easily all over the world.

However for International orders, shipping and handling fees vary depending on the location.

Can you get Slique in India?
Yes, Slique hair removal threading system is certainly available in India.

In fact, Slique is now available across the globe and gets shipped from the fulfillment centers in the US and China. We strive to ship every order as early as possible through different shipping methods.

However, shipping times will depend on your location.



What do I get?

  • Slique Threader
  • Mirrored Carry Case
  • 10 Epilation Threads
  • DVD and Instruction Book
  • 2 Free Gifts



Reviews and Complaints
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Slique Video
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13 thoughts on “Slique Threading Hair Removal System Review

  1. I was at the National Women’s Show October 20, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada I bought the Slique. I tried the next day and I was very very disappointed. I tried changing the thread which took me a very long time. When I finally had that done, I tried Slique under my chin and it may have removed the fine hairs, but it definitely did not remove that one hair that was more coarse. I would like my money back.

    Very disappointed with Slique Hair Removal – Barb *: (

  2. People,

    Do not buy from unknown sellers. Many are selling low quality counterfeit products from china. Only buy through large e-commerce sites that can provide you a money-back guarantee like Amazon and eBay. There the company also makes sure that only original products are sold!!

    Amazon can even provide free delivery and next day delivery!!

  3. Hi, I received my Slique today, which I ordered through Grab One. I followed all the instructions on how to re-thread, I’ve snapped two replacement threads, I just cant get the thread to reach! Needless to say I’m feeling very frustrated and would like to return it.

    • Same here! Funny thing is I measured the new thread with the old one that was already threaded in previously and it is the same length! Anyway what I did is I played with the metal hook this with players and extended it slightly. Doesn’t work as smoothly as it did initially but it works. I’d love an explanation as to why they seem shorter though… This might help you

    • You unfortunately bought from an unauthorized seller that is selling low quality counterfeits from china.

      Do not buy from unknown sellers. Many are selling low quality counterfeit products from china. Only buy through large e-commerce sites that can provide you a money-back guarantee like Amazon and eBay. There the company also makes sure that only original high quality products are sold!!

      Amazon can even provide free delivery and next day delivery!!

  4. I was billed more than what was transacted online. Found out from my credit card statement that merchant is in BEIJING … was billed $36 instead of $26. Tried to get in touch but merchant did not bother to respond. Unethical practice by merchant …. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM !

  5. Mine came after a month, I emailed them several times with no reply. The threads keep breaking after only a few tries so I think its a scam. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this item.

  6. I purchased Slique Threading System on 11 Oct 2011. It is written in the website that the orders will be dispatched within 72 hrs and I will recieve an email confirmation about the shipment. It is already 15 days and I did not hear anything from them. I am trying to contact them by the website form and email as there is no phone number on the website. Did anyone else face the same issue?

  7. Don’t order this Slique Threading Hair Removal. I ordered Slique for my wife in early December because she wanted it instead of going to the mall and having the girls there charge $25 at the threading station.

    Slique took my money with no problem and we waited 2 weeks for delivery. The package never showed up so I called the number listed in their website and it was out of service. I called American Express and they said I never purchased the Slique product.

    February comes around and I get an email telling me my Slique is on its way and they provide a tracking number. They also provide a different number for their customer service.

    I call that number and ask them why 2 months later I hear from them and they tell me I just purchased the Slique system a few days ago. I told them I purchased it online back in December. They had no answer for that.

    I called American Express again and they told me there were no purchases made to Slique or anyone else for that amount.

    So I am either going to get a free one in the mail or they will bill me later after we get it. The moral of the story is don’t bother with them. They seem like scam artists. When it arrives Im going to refuse the package and monitor my AMEX statements.

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