Silk’n Flash & Go Review

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About Silk’n Flash & Go

Have you tried practically everything under the Sun to get rid of unwanted body hair? Some methods are time consuming; others are extremely tedious while some can be very painful. Does that mean you have no option but give in to unwanted body hair? Or do you resort to professional treatments that cost you a fortune every single time? Not at all; because you have respite in the form of Silk’n Flash & Go, a phenomenal new product, which will be your way of getting those professional results you thought were only possible in clinics and salons.


Silk’n Flash & Go CLAIMS

In fact this product will be your way of getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. One of the major advantages of using this product is that it gives you largest treatment size. It makes it convenient to use on different parts of your body without any difficulty. You can safely use it on your forearms and under arms for example and see sensational results. In fact this product is incredibly safe to use on a regular basis as well, which can’t be said about many other products in the market. And it’s extremely convenient for use, which saves you a lot of time and hassle. Of course you are saved huge costs on professional treatments as well.

This product makes the most of HPL, which is a clinically proven technology. In fact laser and light based hair removal techniques have come into their own and their benefits are now well known. It is considered to be a very safe technique for hair removal and is also known to be effective as far as permanent hair removal results are concerned. That’s because the light energy used in this treatment gets absorbed selectively in hair shaft, which is responsible for disabling hair growth. The surrounding tissue remains at the regular temperature while hair follicles absorb this energy, thus helping you get those hair removal results you look for.

Who needs to go to professional spas for hair removal when you can get similar results at a fraction of the cost from the comforts of your home?

Flash & Go REVIEW

Ashley who reviewed Flash&Go says that after the third treatment it slowed hair growth. It works on underarms, bikini line, arms and face. It needs care and lowering of settings or it burns small areas.

Sophia says that they opted for the $300 worth device to expensive laser treatment but they were not very impressed after a few uses. The reviewer has a very fair skin and dark and coarse hair and the reviewer expected better results. They started the first treatment in June and by October they didn’t see any results. The instruction book mentions that after the 7th treatment a user needs to use the device till desired results are achieved. But the book doesn’t mention what a user should do if results are not achieved even after the 7th session. The reviewer expected to be hairless after over three months of use and completing more than seven treatments and following the instructions perfectly. When the reviewer got in touch with the customer service of Flash&Go, they were asked to continue treating smaller areas on a weekly basis and treating larger areas on a monthly basis. The reviewer continually used the device on underarms, face and bikini line weekly but there was no change. Their legs seemed to get patches of hairless skin but it was much beyond the 8th session. The user suspects that it would take them as long as up to a year to get rid of unwanted hair completely if the device were used to its full functionality.


Silk’n Flah & Go Price
Silk’n Flah & Go is available for around $300 at, it is discontinued from the official website

4 thoughts on “Silk’n Flash & Go Review

  1. I ordered the Flash & Go Luxx three weeks ago (took a week to arrive), and have been using it for two weeks now (a total of 5 treatments), and have not seen any change in hair growth whatsoever. The video advises that this could take many months to see any change and even illustrates ~4 seasons passing before you would see any significant results (about a year??).

    I have to ask if anyone else has been using this for an extended period of time and if you have seen any results. I cannot seem to find any comments here that would be helpful.

    The Luxx supposedly never needs the bulb or “No Refill Cartridges needed” is printed on the packaging, along with the claim that it puts out 120,000 pulses (but doesn’t specify at which setting). The packaging also claims the the HPL (home pulse light) technology is “Award Winning”, but also doesn’t cite where that information comes from (according to who???).

    I can’t see how the trial period, or 60 day money back guarantee, would allow enough time to see any results, other than if it is compatible with your skin and hair color (or if it’s to irritating), if it takes about a year to permanently remove hair. By then, I would have spent about $300, not to mention the time spent doing using this product. 20 min. each time (20 X total of 150 treatments = 50 hours spent on this!) Granted, if it works, it would be worth it.

    But we need more unbiased reviews, other than the ones (who knows if they’re from real people) on the company’s website (! Without real consumer reviews, how would anyone know if it works?

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