Razor Bed

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What is Razor Bed:

It is a storage case for your razors that claims to remove moisture and add to the longevity of your disposable and replaceable cartridge razors.
Razor Bed promises to offer respite to those who often have to contend with razors that have gone rusty or are just not sharp enough. Of course you want to have a clean and close shave every single time, which is why you don’t mind spending good amounts on the razors you buy. But the problem is that they don’t last as long as they should, which is a huge annoyance. Moisture becomes an issue and takes away from the longevity of these blades. That’s where Razor Bed comes into the picture, making sure your blades last long, according to its claims.

Razor Bed and what it does for you

For starters, you have to understand that it is a patented storage case that can be used for disposable and replaceable cartridge razors alike. It has been specially designed to ensure that it removes moisture from the blades, which can become the bane of their existence. Razor Bed asserts that it has proven results to back its claims as well. In fact, according to studies it has shown to extend the life of your blade by a whole year or more for that matter. That’s the reason you will be able to get the best out of your blades by this simple addition.


Razor Bed saves you a lot of money

Razor Bed works by removing moisture from the blades you use. It does the job after every use and as a result your blades will be protected from rusting pitting. It’s this problem that makes your blade deteriorate at a much faster rate than it should. However with Razor Bed that won’t be the case anymore and you will get the most out of your blades. Thus you will be able to save huge amounts of money with this case that will also work towards cutting down landfill emissions on account of razor blades that are caused by prematurely dull razors.

Razor Bed is a smart solution

Razor Bed asserts that it is a smart looking case that can store your razors when you are travelling. You also have a storage space for your razors when they are not in use. Thus it becomes a sleek and smart looking solution for you. Razor Bed emphasizes that it has been packaged in 100% recycled paper and thus it makes the perfect gift for those who are environmentally conscious as well. If you have been struggling to find something for your loved one then you have an ideal present.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Razor Bed for $ 19.95
  • Official website: razorbed.com
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