Micro Touch One Razor – Back to Classic

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Whoever said it’s only women who pay attention to their look and how they present themselves, can think again. Men like to groom themselves too and they have been doing so for centuries. From soldiers to Presidents, men have been using a single razor blade for a long time. And One Razor claims to bring that same traditional touch to your regular shaving with a modern touch of course. With One Razor you won’t have to spend huge amounts that you spend on those multiple razors brought out by big brands with the only intention of making money.

Modern touch to the traditional classic razor
The timeless classic single razor blade has been modernised according to claims made by One Razor. It’s a micro touch razor that promises to give you the perfect shave at the end of it. Professional barbers still use single razors to give their customers the perfect shave every single time. The same principle comes to the fore with One Razor, which is supposed to be quite effective and efficient at the same time. If one blade can do the trick for you then why would you want to spend huge amounts on those multiple blade razors you find in the market?

Easy to clean
One of the nuisances of those multi blade razors is that they are quite tricky to clean. You have to spend a lot of time and take some effort to clean those razors. But that’s not the case with One Razor, which is said to be quite simple to clean. There will be no gunk and build up like in the case of multi blade razors, which ends up making them quite ineffective. But One Razor can open up with a simple twist and thus you can clean the blade easily.

Long lasting solution
You have to keep replacing those multi blade razors ever so often and it only adds to the costs you have to incur for them. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with One Razor firstly because it gets cleaned easily and there’s no worry about losing their efficiency. The closeness of your every shave can be well protected. That’s what is supposed to make One Razor a long lasting solution for you. You get your money’s worth and then some more.

It promises to be a precision crafted machine that gives good results and saves costs too.

What do I get?
1 Micro Touch One Razor System and 12 Blades for just $19.99 + $12.98 S/h. Official website OneRazor.com

3 thoughts on “Micro Touch One Razor – Back to Classic

  1. I have never given a review on any thing in my life and I am definitely a skeptic prob. More then most about every thing.. I felt the need to write this. This Micro Touch One Razor was an x-mass present to my self and wow!!! I am impressed I’m 39 and this thing really makes me like to shave again like when I was 15 ! Closest shave I ever had and have used all kinds of razors. This product is an 11 out of a ten.. what a close shave fun to use and in one month. I have just changed the blade one time! today in fact. I truly will never use another ever…bravo. Well done first time an infomercial has come with a product that really dose what it says!!!

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