no!no! Hair PRO

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What is no!no! Hair PRO

It is a new age solution to remove hair using Pulsing Thermicon Technology which keeps the skin cool during hair removal and works more efficiently than any other methods. It works on all type of hair as there are many setting options to treat each type of hair differently and is well suited to be used by all genders.


Pain free hair removal

no!no! Hair PRO promises to be the most effective hair removal device that was ever built as it has all pros and no cons. The most difficult task for women especially is to get a hair removal regularly as permanent removal techniques are very costly. Maintaining such removals is a chore and no!no! Hair PRO claims that over many usage it will slowly reduce the hair growth and give a smooth silky skin. Another perfect reason to use it is the fact that it uses an altogether different technology which unlike other devices does not burn the skin, cause rashes, bumps, pimples or cause pinching while removing the hair, thus making the process a pain free experience.


New age technology

no!no! Hair PRO claims that its Pulsing Thermicon Technology is not like other solutions available for hair removal which includes waxing, electrolysis and laser. This technology is said to send pulses through the skin and remove the hair in the area and at the same time it keeps the skin cool so that the process goes on smoothly. The efficiency of hair removal while using it is high as it delivers increasing peak energy by up to 35%. The pulse basically fluctuates to let the skin cool down with increase in treatment level instead of just delivering a steady heat. Also since there is no light laser or IPL treatment adopted makes it safe and effective on any type of complexion and unlike electrolysis it works on more than one hair during the treatment at a given time.


Feature-rich hair removal device

no!no! Hair PRO is stated to be available in two distinct models – PRO3 and PRO5 which are developed keeping in mind various levels of coarseness and thickness of hair. The device itself delivers a personalized treatment to the user with its adjustable settings with up to 5 different setting options. There is a status screen to help check indications and a status for the thermicon tip for further replacement indication. It also has the battery indicator in the device and comes with exchangeable tips to work on various body parts easily. There is a guiding light which helps in knowing whether no!no! Hair PRO is used properly or not and the red light will switch on after auto-detection of a wrongful use.


Hair removal for the entire body

no!no! Hair PRO is declared to be safe and well-equipped to clean most parts of the body and rid them of hair. The technology hired to clear hair is designed in such a way that there are no constraints about the hair type or even gender. no!no! Hair PRO convinces to work on chest, back, face, bikini line, legs and more easily and is to be used for 2-3 times a week initially and reduce as the hair growth starts to lessen. It is stated to be useful on all type of complexions, can remove hair which are black, gray or even blonde and is capable of cleaning of all size of hair with thinner or coarser texture. The standard Thermicon Tip cover flat, large areas like the legs, back, chest and arms while Thermicon Tips with narrow tip is great for small and sensitive areas like face, underarms, knees, elbows and bikini line.

Easy to use

no!no! Hair PRO proclaims to be a user-friendly device with its three step functionality. First step to begin using it is to pick the right type of tip and connect it to the device with all proper settings in place with respect to the area and type of hair to be removed. Next step is to simply glide over the surface in a smooth flowing steady motion. The third is buff the treated area to exfoliated crystallized hair for a silky, soft skin.

What do I get?

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