Micro Touch Switch Blade Review

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Who said women alone do everything possible to ensure that they look inch perfect; men also take a lot of effort for grooming. They understand it helps them make the best impression in their personal and professional lives. But they want the right devices that will make their tasks easier and less time consuming. If that’s something you are looking for as well then Micro Touch Switch Blade might be the right choice for you. Micro Touch Switch Blade is the brilliant two in one trimmer that will offer you the means to groom yourself from head to toe.

How does Micro Touch Switch Blade Work

Micro Touch Switch Blade trimmer contains lighted mini and full size trimmers that are ideal for grooming from head to toe. Now you won’t have to keep relying on several devices, which can only add to the clutter around you. Moreover they also end up burning a hole in your pocket and they can be tedious to use too. But there are no such issues with Micro Touch Switch Blade, which is a sensational ten piece grooming kit. Once you have it at your disposal you won’t have to look beyond for your regular grooming needs.

Micro Touch Switch Blade is extremely powerful and just perfect for the tough stuff, like your beards and stubbles for example. However it also does its job gently and works well for areas with sensitive skin. Thus Micro Touch Switch Blade offers you the option to keep your sideburns, moustaches and beards sharp and you also have a gentle solution for those busy eyebrows. That’s what makes this trimmer so versatile for your regular needs.

What’s more, you can also use your Micro Touch Switch Blade to get rid of that unsightly ear hair that might otherwise be difficult to get rid of. In fact options are practically endless with this trimmer. You will also be happy to find that Micro Touch Switch Blade comes with snap on guides that are very easy to follow. You simply slide to switch and get superior control for your grooming, which can now be done with precision and to perfection.



What do I get?

5 thoughts on “Micro Touch Switch Blade Review

  1. I am not to buy things off television but after seeing the commercial to but the micro touch switchblade I decided to give it a try. I hate to say it but it was absolutely the worst piece of hair cutting or trimming their ever was and is. I was only trying to use it for trimming the areas around my bald head and also my neck and it was AWFUL.. I am shocked that the government who usually tries and put there hands in on everything don’t stop this !!!!! this is like the ole song for nothing get your blade for $40.00 and send a check for free. I even ran it through my wife’s hair ( and of course ) I got yelled at but it cute nothing. Oh yea don’t get me started on the customer service , of course the person that I was trying to sent this piece of junk back could not speak English. I did gets some laughs in with the non speaking English person so I guess they got what they wanted to keep my $40.00 and I was stuck with this hunk of junk !!! PLEASE HEAR ME OUT AND DO NOT BUT THE MICRO-TOUCH SWITCHBLADE HAIR TRIMMERS AND CUTTERS ……..THANK YOU JAMES BROWN

    • Thanks for this review. After seeing this on TV I was going to purchase for my 17 year old son. We looked at a NoNo but reviews for that were not all that great for $400 some dollars. I appreciate your review since it’s because of people like you that take the time to write one I’m not throwing money in the trash. If you should find something that works for you, please share.

      Lena A

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