Micro Touch Max Trimmer Review

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Women love men who are groomed, but grooming certain areas can be a real task. Razor blades can cut you and scissors can poke you. The new Micro Touch Max is designed to go where razors and scissors cannot go. Micro Touch Max is the only trimmer that has a built in light to help you see better and to groom yourself without leaving a single hair.


How does Micro Touch Max Trimmer work?
Its sleek design gives you perfect control so you can reach the back of your neck yourself. With this trimmer you can remove unwanted hair from the sides of your ear, embarrassing hair from your nose and make your side burns straight and even. It is convenient for mustaches, beards and also for bushy eyebrows.

The new Micro Touch Max grooms from head to toe and anywhere in between too. It is powerful enough to remove tough hair anywhere and yet gentle on the most sensitive areas. It gets as close as a blade, yet it’s safe to the touch. The snap on guide lets you control just how much hair you want removed. It is ideal for women to keep the man in their life perfectly groomed and for mothers who want to keep their kids looking neat and tidy between haircuts. So get your Micro Touch Max trimmer today!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.MicroTouchMax.com)

  • Micro Touch Max with the built in light
  • Deluxe 10 piece grooming kit
  • All this for just $14.99 + $13.98 s/h.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Micro Touch Max Trimmer Video


19 thoughts on “Micro Touch Max Trimmer Review

  1. I just wish I had seen these reviews/blogs before I succumbed to the TV Ads. When I received it, I was impressed by the accompanied grooming kit, but after the second time I tried to use the device, my regard went promptly south! It almost immediately seemed to need a battery; I inserted a new on; the darn thing hasn’t run since!! What a piece of junk! By all means, don’t buy this and expect to receive any help. No-one to talk to. Waste of money.

  2. Between this crappy item & the Cafe’ Cup scam I am convinced they are being sold by the same SCUMBAGS they both have the exact page order form , and are secured by Godaddy.com.

    BOTH want you to put your Credit Card information in BEFORE you fill the order page and find out what you are being charged. Imagine going to the store and buying a TV or something and they tell you that you need to give your credit card information before you know the total charges.

    I can’t understand how they get away with it. BOTH products have NOTHING BUT BAD REVIEWS. This one is from a crappy design and poor performance and the Cafe’Cup is 99% overcharged credit card orders,that were unknowingly upgraded from the standard to the Deluxe Café Cups for an additional $9.99 for each set plus shipping. So this company is getting away with screwing people ROYALLY.


    6070 Mission Gorge Road
    Suite 1
    San Diego CA 92120

  3. I bought the microtouch max on January 11, 2012, I was so excited because my old trimmer was shot. Well I am very disapointed, I do not care what kind of battery I put in my trimmer, it will not perform. It is very slugey and does not cut correctly. I would love to hear from someone of this matter.

  4. I bought two max Micro Touch trimmers and I am still waiting for my credit card to show credit for the one I returned. I have my US postal service delivery confirmation receipt from June 27, Please credit my Discover card for the returned item. Somewhere around $41.00.

  5. I needed genuine reviews for the Micro Touch Max Trimmer. However, despite trying out numerous permutations and combinations with the keyword Micro Touch Max Trimmer reviews, I could not get one single website with genuine reviews. Most of the websites that came up looked almost cloned copies of one another, and all of them tried to sell me the product without showing me the actual reviews. I was starting to understand a pattern at work – because only fake, shoddy products and scams advertise their wares so fervently, without containing actual reviews. I tried multiple websites and blogs that had the BUY IT NOW section, but these links led to further to other websites, with annoying pop-ups and advertisements. Finally I came across this website. I got actual Micro Touch Max Trimmer reviews, Thank you so much for this, it really helps!

    • These are nothing but fake and phony reviews. With some brilliant keyword-rich content and glossy website-content, people are actually conned into thinking that they are getting a good product. These advocates of Shoddy products hardly exist in real-life, and their website counterparts can also fool the search engines with their brief and precise contents to garner high page-ranks.

  6. Cancel my order that I placed at approximately 8:45am on Thursday from Kauai. Oder was to be shipped to Boucher Rd. Otter Lake, Mi. 48464.

    I was not happy with the approach presented on the telephone, and the fact that I was unable to contact a customer service person during the call. Your company is taking advantage of people with high pressure tactics that I felt were totally unreasonable and uncalled for.

    Do not charge my Visa card for the Micro Touch Max. Please send me a cancellation number for this order.

    Thank you
    Josephine Elliott

  7. Please cancel order no. 14785153 for Micro touch max as I do not need that many Trimmers. I order one on order no. 14785203.

    Thank You
    Clarence Wilson

  8. It by far is the worst thing I have ever bought. It runs then stops then darts and stops. I put new batter, and it still doesn’t work.

  9. I wanted to gift this to my boy friend, but guess I won’t. Can someone suggest me a better Micro Touch Max alternative?

  10. I ordered and received 3 sets of the Microtouch Trimmer and this was more than a couple of months ago. I got them a week after the order and it was fast enough for me. But to my surprise I was assessed some $114.00 for the three sets. I could have gotten a better and branded shaver for less than the amount. Then, when I tried to use one of the sets (the trimmer itself), it did not work and the whole thing did not function — even the light would not go on. I never dared to open the 2 other boxes as I might get frustrated further on this useless piece of crap. I think you are selling something that is not worth the money paid for it.

  11. I placed an order 1 1/2 months ago. While waiting for my order I received a phone call from a company in Florida stating they were going to send me $100.00 in free gas coupons and free dinner tickets . All I had to do was authorize them to charge it on my credit card and they had the last 4 numbers of my card and my telephone number. I ask them where they got that info. and they stated from Micro Tech. I told them no and I then canceled my credit card.I think $17.00 to ship the micro tech is a ripe off as well as giving any info on my credit card and telephone number. Buyer be ware. I think this whole company is a rip-off.

  12. I’m writing to inquire about my order if it has been sent or not.

    order# 6504-1262107
    ref# pegsbhc8719273

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