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About me Sleek

me Sleek claims to be a permanent hair reduction device with unlimited treatments powered with patented elos hair removal technology. It asserts to be clinically proven to be safe and effective at hair removal from all skin tones. The patented elos technology in me Sleek alleges to combine Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) to safely provide professional hair removal right at home. This technology in me Sleek states to be a dermatologist proven technology over 15 years to effectively target each hair follicle and stop its growth permanently.


About me Sleek

Proven technology – With its powerful design, me Sleek asserts to provide up to 94% hair reduction after 7 weeks of use and an average of 46% hair reduction after just 2 weeks of use. The innovative device alleges to come with FDA clearance for safe use at home. At this point of time, there are no me Sleek reviews available to attest its claims.

Quick and painless use – The treatment time for me Sleek is maintained to be in minutes for each of the body parts. This device claims to offer unlimited treatments without the need to purchase any refills or cartridges. Each treatment is assured to be painless and takes about 8 minutes for the leg, for the back and a minute for the face. Currently, there are no me Sleek reviews available to substantiate its claims.

Useful for everyone – Another fascinating claim made by me Sleek is that it works effectively on all types of skin tones, including dark and captures widest range of hair colors including blonde and redhead. This revolutionary device proclaims that its technology works for both men and women. Did you find me Sleek really helpful for a providing permanent hair removal? Send us your reviews.

me Sleek Reviews

Jo Mcgee, a me Sleek customer, reveals in her review that the device doesn’t function well. Her unit’s buttons were not responsive and only blinked without really switching the power level. She further adds in the review that even though she got me Sleek working, it would shut off after few minutes of use.

Another me Sleek review by Mary Owen states that didn’t work as expected and even made her hair grow faster. She also mentions in the review that me Sleek can get hot and uncomfortable especially while using it on sensitive areas such as the face and armpits.

According to Tanya Simon’s review, me Sleek hurts sensitive areas especially the armpit where she couldn’t even flash the device due to the heat. She is impressed with its design but not its effectiveness.

Joann Powers complains in her me Sleek review that it didn’t show any great results even after 5 weeks of consistent use. In her review, she says the small size of me Sleek makes the process cumbersome and time consuming especially for the legs.

Another reviewer, Rudy Turner, asserts similar issues about me Sleek and says that it hurts in sensitive areas and its effectiveness is questionable even after consistent use.

One other customer, Nelson Philips, discloses in his review that the fan in the me Sleek applicator isn’t braced properly and wiggles around to create a buzz saw like noise. He further writes in the me Sleek review that its buttons were highly unresponsive to even select a power level easily. As per his review, me Sleek is frustrating since it shuts off after few minutes of use even when the user is in the middle of a treatment. He suggests in his review to try something else over me Sleek for better results.

Doris Estrada claims in her me Sleek review that the device gets really hot and left few red marks on her skin that took hours to fade away.

According to Blanca Alvarez’s review, me Sleek doesn’t really hurt much but is highly time-consuming. Also, she didn’t find any effective results after using the device regularly.

A me Sleek reviewer, Albert Webb, warns users that it might have some possible side effects such as red marks but is resolved in short time. He states in his review that me Sleek is similar to other devices and they all pose some degree of risk.

Robin Page has similar concerns in her me Sleek review and suggests users to stop using the device in case of extreme reactions. She suggests in her me Sleek review to not use it if there is a color or textural change, substantial redness, itching, acne outbreak, burning, or permanent scarring.

In her me Sleek review, Myra Gilbert declares that there is no instruction available if there is a protective eyewear required with it. Also, her review further adds that me Sleek failed to really provide any results or even a feeling that it’s working while in use.

One customer, Joel Nash, states in his me Sleek review that it is time-consuming since it is not strong enough to work in a single pass. Even after using it for 3 times on an area per session, he failed to see any substantial results. His review calls Sleek a waste of money since it doesn’t really work as promised.

Eula Ramirez, a customer who reviewed me Sleek, complains that it asks users to shave and epilate before use but wouldn’t the laser need pigment from hair to kill its follicle. She questions in her me Sleek review that epilating removes the hair from the root so how will me Sleek really affect the follicles?

me Sleek Questions & Answers

Q. Does me Sleek come with limited pulses and if yes how many are there?
A. The device doesn’t work on any cartridges that need replacement. Hence it comes with unlimited pulses.

Q. Is there a need to buy any replacement cartridges with me Sleek?
A. No, it features unlimited use.

Q. Can me Sleek be used on male faces?
A. No, it isn’t safe for use on men’s face. It is instructed that the device is to be used only from neck down for males and nose down for females.

Q. What is the voltage rating of the device?
A. It works automatically for voltage between 110-240 V.

Q. What’s the warranty on me Sleek?
A. 2 months.


What do I get?
Buy me Sleek for $299.00 at

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