Martell Blade Buddy Review

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When you have to watch your monthly budgets closely and hold your purse strings tight, costs of simple things like buying razor blades can quickly add up to a fortune. And the fact is you can’t do without them, so you have no option but to incur these expenses. However now there’s a solution that’s simple and easy on your pocket.


Martell Blade Buddy
Martell Blade Buddy will keep your used blades sharp so that you can get a few more shaves out of them. It’s a ground breaking product that doesn’t involve any rocket science; it’s the simple principle that works for barbers who sharpen their blades by rubbing it on leather straps or used by butchers to sharpen their knives.

Martell Blade Buddy works on the same lines as a blade is made out of metal that is quite thin at the ages and it’s quite malleable as well. When used for a shave it tends to bend at the edge, which makes it lose its sharpness and you have to discard it. But when you glide your razor blade up and down the silicone surface of Martell Blade Buddy a few times, it will be “unbent” thus bringing its original sharpness back.

Now you can get close shave every day without any fear of cuts and abrasions caused due to dull blades. Martell Blade Buddy is lab and field tested for years; hence you know it’s safe to use. It works for all kinds of blades, both for men and women. Not only is Martell Blade Buddy good for your pocket it’s also good for the environment as it reduces the number of plastic razors and non biodegradable cartridges used every year.

How to use?
You need to lubricate Martell Blade Buddy with your shaving cream before every shave. Then you can place your razors on 3 arrows you will see on the product. Move the razor forward applying light pressure, at moderate speed along the surface. You can lift the razor and repeat the process around 15-20 times. Ensure that the surface is lubricated at all times and never pull the blade backwards. You shouldn’t use Martell Blade Buddy with very dull blades though.Martell Blade Buddy FAQs
What exactly is Blade Buddy?
Blade Buddy is an excellent product that helps keep the sharpness of razor blades for months. In turn reducing any wastage and eliminates any kind of cuts, nicks, razor burn and ingrown hair.

What are the advantages of using Blade Buddy?
Firstly it saves a lot of money by extending the life of one razor blade. Since its life increases disposing razors becomes less in turn reducing plastic waste. Thirdly it is efficient in keeping the edge of razors sharp reducing the chance of getting cuts, razor burns, nicks, etc generally a result of dull razor blades.

Why Blade Buddy was invented?
Razor blade is no longer just a necessary grooming tool but has more of a luxury attraction making newer razor blades costly. Celso Martell, inventor of Blade Buddy decided to stop this frustration of consumers by dedicating five years of his life towards restoring affordability in razor blades using Blade Buddy.

How does Blade Buddy provide sharp edges?
After each shave a thin wafer edge from the razor blades get bent microscopically. Blade Buddy contains micro-honing grooved surface which straightens the edge back to its aligned position thus maintaining the sharpness of the blade by just gliding the blade over it.

How to use Blade Buddy.
Blade Buddy should be lubricated with a thin layer of shaving cream before shaving. The razor blades should be placed flat on three arrows and gently pushed forward with light pressure and moderate speed, repeating the process for 15-20 times.

Does Blade Buddy work on any razor blade, even old ones?
Blade Buddy works surely on any type of razor blades but they have to be new or new-like. Old, dull blades cannot be used with it.

Does Blade Buddy last long enough?
It should be rinsed properly after each use. If proper care is taken than it can last for even years.



What do I get?
You can buy Martell Blade Buddy for $19.99 at



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