MAGNAblade Review

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MAGNAblade claims to help you extend the life of your razor so that you can make substantial savings month after month. You know what a waste it can be to spend money on razors when they just don’t last long enough. You also have to think about the waste that’s generated with these razors that don’t last and have to be trashed sooner rather than later. MAGNAblade is meant to offer you a solution to this problem and extend the life of your blade up to 6 times so that you can make the most out of it.

Using it is said to be quite simple and all you have to do is insert the razor. The patented technology used in MAGNAblade leads to reverse polarisation, which thereby stabilize the molecules on the edge of the blade. And that is responsible for boosting the longevity of your razor according to its claims.
MAGNAblade has magnetic energy field that results in increased bonding power for your razor. Hence the razor not only lasts longer but gives a much better performance, or so it says.

Verified by independent laboratories

Razors that are stored in a regular fashion tend to have chips, which lead to their wear and tear. Moreover they can be a cause for nicks while you are shaving. However razors that are stored with MAGNAblade on the other hand can result in much smoother shaves.

The results are also verified by independent laboratories, which say a lot about it in many ways. It also comes with a guarantee, which can help you keep your mind at rest about buying it.

MAGNAblade is an eco friendly solution

It does its job naturally and backed by the technology that has gone into its making. It doesn’t need any batteries for its functioning and is said to be an eco friendly answer for your needs.

While MAGNAblade promises to keep blades sharper for longer, it’s also versatile to fit most men’s and women’s razors, which lets you get the most out of it.


What do I get?
Get the MagnaBlade for just $19.95. Official website:

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