Hair Genie Review

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What is Hair Genie:

It is an electric, compact hair remover that lets you get rid of body hair painlessly and without much effort.

Hair Genie claims to offer respite to those who are looking to get rid of body hair without the usual painful and tedious methods. If your body hair leaves you feeling inhibited, you are probably looking for ways to eliminate it. But regular hair removal methods can be quite painful and you just can’t keep spending huge amounts on professional treatments. Now you won’t have to according to claims of Hair Genie, which is said to give you professional quality results at home.


Hair Genie works effectively because of hair removal wheels

These super charged, depilatory wheels rotate and get rid of hair even before you know it. That’s why Hair Genie can claim to eliminate body hair quickly and without any pain involved. It’s said to be quite easy to use as well and you simply have to remove the lid to begin shaving without any preparation needed. Hair Genie works in two simple steps to give you pain free hair removal so that you can step out feeling confident about yourself.

Hair Genie works for facial hair on women and in showers

Women do their best to get rid of any facial hair they might have, but you know how tricky and expensive that can be. But Hair Genie is said to be gentle enough to be used under the lips and gets the job done within a matter of seconds. Hair Genie is also said to be quiet and compact so that you can use it at home or when you are away travelling. It is also 100% waterproof, which is why you can shave while in the shower and save yourself time.


Hair Genie doesn’t cause any irritation

One of the biggest woes we face with hair removal is that our skin gets red and irritated with regular methods. But Hair Genie is said to be strong enough to remove hair from a man’s arm without leaving any stubble. At the same time it is delicate and doesn’t cause any irritation to your skin or leave those unsightly red spots behind. It can be used on fine, wispy hair on different parts of your body and you can also make the most out of Hair Genie for doing your bikini line to perfection too.

Hair Genie Review

Benefits of Hair Genie Hair Remover

Quickly and painlessly(?) remove unwanted hair from face, neck and chin. Faster and convenient than waxing, you can use it in shower too. Cheaper option to other branded depilators.

Disadvantages of Hair Genie Hair Remover

Hair Genie may not be totally painless. Not suitable for sensitive skin. Works more like a shaver. May leaves stubble, waxing or tweezing works way better. Results are temporary as the hair are removed at the skin and not from the root. Useful only as a “quick-fix” to remove facial hair. Not advisable to use on other body parts. Probably made in CHINA.

A lot of essential information regarding Hair Genie is not available on the official website. They don’t tell you how it is powered – battery/charger etc. They don’t tell you how long the charge lasts, and how long it takes to charge. There is no detailed information or instructions about how to use Hair Genie.

What do I get ?

  • Hair Genie Lady Shaver – Pink for $19.95 plus $4.95 S&H.
  • Official Website:

6 thoughts on “Hair Genie Review

  1. I too ordered one and got it a few days ago and the Hair Genie doesn’t work. How do you go about getting a refund?

    • Is it that it didn’t remove the hair or did the device itself not work? I don’t want to buy something just to send it back.

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