Hair Block Roll-On Hair Removal Review

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Want to look great for a whole lot less and stay that way a lot longer. Get to the root of the unsightly hair problems with the Hair Block – as seen on tv roll-on hair removal that eliminates unwanted hair from the root. Why use messy, smelly creams when you can roll Hair Block on and in minutes easily wipe un-wanted hair away and keep it from coming back with continued use. Because it is roll-on you will never get your hands dirty again. It takes only minutes then just wipe or rinse unwanted hair away, similar to waxing but a whole lot gentler.


Hair Block Roll-On Hair Removal
Hair Block’s amazing new formula penetrates deep in to the hair follicle to eliminate hair right at the root and slow new hair growth to a crawl and at the same time rich emollients soften and moisturize your skin to make it baby-soft and smooth as silk. It is gentle enough to remove hair from delicate areas and strong enough to get rid of even your toughest and thickest hair.

A razor just cuts hair at the surface which grows back faster and coarser, Hair Block removes the hair from the root and eliminate razor bumps, and unlike some battery operated hair-pullers Hair Block is totally pain-free. Why waste time and money going to a salon when Hair Block removes your hair at the fraction of the cost. Now forget about harsh razors, painful tweezing, scalding hot wax treatment, and say good bye to nicks, cuts and irritated skin.



What do I get?

  • 2 Hair Block Roll-on Hair Removals
  • 1 Hair Block Roll-on Moisturizer

Get 2 Hair Block Roll-on Hair Removals and 1 Roll-on Moisturizer for just $19.95 + $11.90. 30-day money back guarantee. Official website



Hair Block Roll-On Hair Removal Video


6 thoughts on “Hair Block Roll-On Hair Removal Review

  1. I bought your product a zillion years ago in Sydney, Australia.
    It is fabulous, but I can’t find any one who stocks it. Is it available anywhere in Sydney or do I have to get it on-line? Help please

  2. I gave it a chance tried it every day for a week. Its utter rubbish dont waste your money girls trust me.

  3. It doesn’t work at all. You roll it on and then wait for five seconds only to find that it merely works like a shaving cream, taking the hair off at the SURFACE and NOT at the root.

    • Hey Jess, I don’t know what you used. I use the Hair block after I have either shaved or waxed my legs and it works a treat and delays growth by weeks. If you expected it to get to the roots and not surface, then you are totally ignorant of hair follicles and the dermis and hence your expectations where not met. Just saying.

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