Finishing Touch Diamond Review

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You understand the importance of presenting yourself the best way you can every time you go out. It could be for a work gathering or a social do, you want to put your best foot forward. Unwanted hair can make you feel inhibited about yourself and hamper your self-confidence. That’s why you end up spending a lot of money for hair removal at professional salons. Otherwise you have to go through immense pain that regular hair removal products put you through. But Finishing Touch Diamond is a path breaking hair removal tool that will help you get rid of unwanted hair without any pain involved.


Finishing Touch Diamond

Finishing Touch Diamond is your way to precision hair removal from all sensitive areas. And although Finishing Touch Diamond helps you remove unwanted hair gently, it is also strong enough to remove thickest hair from practically anywhere. And you won’t even have to spend a lot of time getting rid of body hair as your job will be done within minutes. Finishing Touch Diamond is quite compact and you can carry it in your purse wherever you go. Thus it will be handy for you when you are travelling as well.

No more need for expensive hair removal treatments, neither will you have to think about painful procedures. Finishing Touch Diamond is all you need to go out looking your best every time and feel good about yourself too.



What do I get?
Finishing Touch Diamond comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can buy Finishing Touch Diamond for $14.99 plus shipping and handling fee of $6.99 at You can also get an eyebrow shaper attachment and 5 times magnification mirror with your offer by paying additional processing and handling fee of $6.99.


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15 thoughts on “Finishing Touch Diamond Review

  1. I purchased this product years ago and use it often (even on hubby). I’ve never had any problems with it, and it’s still going strong. Great product

  2. Finishing Touch Diamond is a piece of crap. I bought one for my partner for Xmas. It’s now April and it’s been used 4-6 times max. Goes to use it today and nothing. Go and buy brand new battery, and guess what. It doesn’t work. As I said in the beginning. Piece of crap. This annoys me cause I don’t have the receipt anymore. I’d like a refund too.

  3. Can’t find any replacement trimmer blades for Finishing Touch Diamond. Have called your company, they don’t have any and don’t know where I can buy any. What kind of company doesn’t know about their own product. Your so called customer service sure lacks a lot of “customer service”. They don’t seem to be too
    interested in helping people with questions. Too bad.

  4. This product is absolute rubbish. Will not cut normal hair (maybe lanugo). I even put in a new battery – still useless. Does not do what is advertized. This is the last time I will buy a gimmick.

  5. This product worked good at first, purchased at Walmart, but after a couple of months it’s just like all the rest I’ve bought – quit cutting. It still runs but it won’t cut. I have very fine white hair and only used it maybe once a week. I just purchased a different brand and after only 2-3 weeks, it quit altogether. These products are such a rip-off in my opinion.

  6. From the sound of it this so-called hair removal is false advertisement. “Hair remover” suggests removal of hair from the roots but your product is in actual fact a shaver which should never be used on the face unless of course you want to end up with a mustache. Stop wasting people’s time with your crappy product.

  7. Broke as soon as I got it out of the stupid packaging, already died after not even an hours worth of use. WASTE OF MONEY

  8. Finishing Touch Diamond needs replaceable blades on it. And the sharpness doesn’t last, I noticed on that. So please some include of replaceable blades on it.

  9. I got this worthless crap for $15 and it work for only a few times. I figured it stopped working because the battery died, because I used it a lot. So, I put a new battery in and it won’t even run. ONLY THE LIGHT WORKS!! Every time I wanted to use it, I had to tap it hard against the wall or something, but it would only work for a couple seconds. I want my money back for this crap.

  10. I spent $10 of my birthday money to buy this crap and it only worked a day. But what gets to me is the fact the light is perfectly fine but its the only thing that works. Don’t waste your money!!

  11. I have just bought it today! For me, it works just fine. For the bikini area, it’s not that good, but for facial hair, it’s amazing! It does have issues with removing thick hair, but still does, though it’s just easier to use a razor for that. It’s safe.

  12. I have tried 2 finishing touch diamonds and their both a piece of crap. The first one the light would not stay on and would not cut hair on my face. Took it back got another and this one will not cut butter. I have rubbed my face raw trying to get it to cut, with no luck. Don’t waste your money, go back to your razors.

  13. Review Finishing Touch Diamond

    Did Finishing Touch Diamond live up to your expectations?

    Does it really gently remove hair from sensitive areas?

    Is it powerful enough to get rid of thick hair?

    Is Finishing Touch Diamond safe for use?

    Does it really do its job without taking too much time?

    Does it save you costs of professional treatments?

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