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Are you sick of the unwanted hair growth on your face and body? You must have tried to get rid of them in the wake of having silky smooth skin. This is usually achieved by waxing, plucking and tweezing but that hurts like hell on the sensitive areas. Also a visit to the beauty parlor costs a lot of money and will not lessen the pain whatsoever. There are laser light removal techniques and electrical hair removers which can be painless but are harmful to the skin and very costly to purchase. To avoid pain and yet get smooth skin at an affordable price the new Finishing Touch Angel is launched.


Finishing Touch Angel

Finishing Touch Angel is an innovative solution to remove unwanted hair from the body very quickly and without any pain. It is enhanced with a powerful light which helps in guiding on the skin for perfect viewing of every strand of unwanted hair. The light supports the small mechanism of micro-oscillating blades which clean up the skin instantly. Study shows the micro oscillating blades provide smooth movement and are the most efficient in cutting with ease. Plus the size of these blades is hardly about ½ inch in length to fit on the tip.

Finishing Touch Angel is very safe to the touch even on the most sensitive areas and is tested on a balloon which doesn’t burst on contact. The razor blades are mounted on the tip with an angling head to reach any place and run through any shape. This helps it to clean up areas of bikini line without any need of shaving thus eliminating any pain and irritation. It comes with a cap to seal the blades when not in use and is so compact that it is equal to a size of mascara or a lipstick and easily fits inside a purse.

Finishing Touch Angel comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and loads of bonus gifts. The free gifts included are a special eyebrow attachment which helps in shaping the eyebrow easily rather than spending a lot of time plucking it in pain and a Lighted 5x Magnification Mirror.



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3 thoughts on “Finishing Touch Angel Review

  1. I purchased the Finishing Touch Angel at a target, when I opened the package it was broken and yet the so called maker of the product does not have a customer service line, it says it is invalid and the so called web site does not exists. What a waste of money!!

  2. Review Finishing Touch Angel

    Did Finishing Touch Angel removes unwanted hair easily?

    Is Finishing Touch Angel really painless while removing hair as it claims?

    Does the light provided in Finishing Touch Angel give optimum viewing for unwanted hair on the skin?

    Is Finishing Touch Angel safe and easy to use?

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